30 August 2018

*Bless Up the Dental Goddess* [vlog-mini]

I'm sharing this rapid update about the "tooth-capade" because- I went through a process, throughout the years, of self-training and of disciplining myself to be in a place of calm faith, not fear when distressing things occur in life. And it is an active practice, for sure. When you can find the calm place inside and feel at peace with whatever is happening in the physical life, really surrender, when you know all is well and in perfect divine order, then things like what happened at the dentist this day occur. For all of it, I am so thankful.... and this  particular side-path (this "tooth business") of empowerment and surrender is just beginning
Just put on your soul-vision glasses and 
check things out for yourself, 
in your own world. 
And, Thank You for being Here. 
Ursula Carrie

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