$20 Mini Reading: Your Archangelic Realm of Training

What is your Archangelic Realm of Training?
The AA Realm of Training gives a current life flavoring to the Soul Group/Planet of Origination characteristics of an individual. When we incarnate here to Earth, we ground the energies of Seven of the Archangels. Each one corresponds to an energy center called a 'chakra'. We ground the energies choosing to work with them, and by embodying the particular characteristic(s) them in our manifested physical life. Most Souls choose to work with at least one Archangelic Realm. There are some who have chosen to work with two.
In this reading, I will make a simple inquiry into your Akashic Record as to which realm(s) you are working with. The result of which will be emailed to you.
To ensure that I find your Record with accuracy, the following information is required. Please send this to me at my email address for this blog: earth_spirit.medicine@yahoo.com
1) YOUR FULL NAME at BIRTH (please state if you do not have a middle name)
3) the DATE of BIRTH (please spell out the month)
4) the PLACE of BIRTH (please spell out/include *pronunciation* if your birth place is not said in English. This is not necessary, but I feel it helps my connection as I access your record)
{PAYPAL} $20 Mini Reading, Sneak Peek at Your Akashic Record https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=JWY58RERSHYYQ
Give me a week or so, and I'll have it done for you.
And Thank You. I love this work.

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