How to Order a Clearing of Your Soul's Record (Akashic Records Reading/Clearing)

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1) Soul Realignment $180.00
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* You will learn details about your Soul’s origins and history, and what special gifts and purpose you bring into this lifetime.   * We will also uncover and clear any negative influences from past and present lifetimes that may currently be affecting you. * Upon the conclusion of my research into your Soul's record, I will conduct the Prayer that is your Soul's Clearing, with the assistance of the Akashic Records Guides assigned to me, my Guide Team and Ascended Master, and Your team of Guides. * I conduct the Prayer with Intent, and They, along with Your Higher Self do the work. When this has completed, I prepare your homework file (you will be assigned a customized 21 Day Prayer to redirect your consciousness to work with the healing you will have experienced), and I contact you to advise you that it is time to schedule out phone or Skype session, so I can report the findings to you, and answer any questions you may have. This telephone consultation is approximately 60 to 75 minutes in length and includes an Mp3 file recording of the session that is emailed to you, usually within 24 hours.

Please send to me, either via email (re: Pay Pal orders) or in the post (re: check/money order
orders), the following information to find your Soul Record in the Akashic Records:

  • · Full Name at Birth
  • · Full Name Now
  • · Full Date of Birth
  • · Location of Birth
  • · your e-mail address
  • · contact telephone number (optional)

2) Property Realignment $90.00  
Parcels of land on planet Earth also have an Akashic Record. Many places hold the negative vibrations of the past, or contain open doorways to negative influences. If you struggle to get organized, feel uncomfortable in your home, or have an older home, this reading can drastically shift the space you live in into a peaceful sanctuary. This consultation also serves to protect your property from further negative influences. I mostly recommend this clearing is done only after a person has had the Full Soul Realignment done, as we choose/are attracted to the places that we live, in Energetic Alignment with our Higher Selves and the lessons we are choosing to learn.  This is a 30-minute consultation. (phone, Skype, Teleconference)
For this reading, please send to me the following information:
-The Address of the Property   
-Name of the Owner (a renter qualifys as the owner, as a renter is in energetic ownership of the property
-your e-mail address
-your contact telephone number 

3)  Combo $250  (save 20 bucks): * Soul Realignment  TM  Property Clearing  *
Once the issues have been cleared from our Soul's record, we may feel an increasing sensitivity to Energies in Our Homes that we may not have noticed before.  A Property Clearing, therefore, is a wonderful companion to the Soul Realignment/Clearing to assist in rebalancing of Energies in our relationship to our home. Within a year of my own Soul Realignment and becoming a Practitioner, I moved my family to a new place altogether!
Descriptions above. Please include all of the above required information for both Soul Profile/Realignment Consultation and Property Consultation in your email order.
4) For Our Children:  Soul Realignment Reading & Consultation for Children age 17 and Under

Please send to me, either via email (re: Pay Pal orders) or in the post (re: check/money order orders), the following information of the Child in order for the reading to be done accurately:

  • · Full Name of Child at Birth
  • · Full Name of Child Now
  • · Full Date of Child's Birth
  • · Location of Child's Birth                                 
  • · THE e-mail address of Parent/Guardian ordering the Reading/Clearing
"As a parent, is has been a tremendous gift to me and my child that I am able to check the Soul Record for energetic integrity. This keeps my young one free of Entity Attachments, Golden Web Tears and many other Blocks and/or Restrictions that may hinder the Soul's ability from Reaching the Highest Potential and Purpose for this Incarnated Lifetime. Let the Children Shine!" 
~ Rev. Ursula Carrie
 * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Thank You for entrusting me to carry out this Sacred Work for You! Here's just a few things to keep in mind when you order this Clearing/Akashic Records Reading with me:
  • When Your Payment and Personal/Property information is received, You will be sent an email notification that I received it.
  •  You can then expect to be contacted within 14 business days that your Clearing has been Done/Your Reading is Ready.  I do my best with this time frame. Please be flexible.
  • At that time, you will be asked to schedule a Telephone Consultation  (or Skype or teleconference) with me to hear the findings.
  • I will provide several choices of dates and times for this phone consultation. The days and Hours vary depending on my schedule, but I will work with you to find the best fit for both of us..
Please allow a little extra time if you are ordering both a Soul Realignment AND a Property Reading, and/or are ordering Readings for multiple members of your family.

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