Some About My Education

  Updated Biographical information for  
  Rev. Ursula Carrie  
  Spring 1995 - Fall 2016  

 Work and Studies  
 * Herbs * Medicine * Healing *  
(and Wildlife Studies)
*Arcus Flynn- Flynn School of Herbology / NYC Meadowsweet Herbs
*Enchantments- work as clerk /apprentice in the magickal apothecary-  NYC
*Robin Rose Bennett-Wise Woman Healing Ways NYC

July 1996
*Susun S. Weed/Wise Woman Center upstate NY
Green Witch Initiation & PERSONAL Invitation from Susun to Apprentice

June/July 1997
*Susun S. Weed / Wise Woman Center upstate NY
Shamanic Apprenticeship- 6 weeks Intensive
2nd Green Witch Initation

1996-97 included studies with various teachers such as:

1) Z. Budapest {author Grandmother Moon, The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries, Summoning the Fates and others. "GrannyZ." is the pioneer of the Goddess movement in modern times, combining her Wiccan craft with her radical feminism in the late 60's and 70's}

2) Annie Sprinkle {Sexual priestess, former porn star, now Tantric, safe-sex pleasure activist. Annie is author of many books and videos focusing on women and pleasure. In 1997, Annie presented me with the "Annie Sprinkle Aphrodite Award" for sexual service to the community, as well as a certificate deeming me an honorary member of the "Pleasure Activist Party".}

3) Whitefeather {Wolf Clan, Seneca Nation "adoptee" via Grandmother Twilah, also who "adopted" Susun into the Wolf Clan, the clan of teachers and pathfinders. }

Fall 1997 
*Michaelangelo / Creative Divinations NYC ~ Voyager- level I certification course

April 1998-99 
WORK for: *Susun S. Weed / Wise Woman Center Upstate NY
Goat herding / animal care (geese, rabbits), Odds and ends as needed

August 1998 
*Priesthood of Melchizedek / Sanctuary of the NYC Beloved /
Rev. Dan Chesbro ~ Initation/ORDINATION into the Priest(ess)hood

November 1999
*with: Rev. Catherine L. Parisi - Woodstock, NY  RECEIVE Reiki I attunements and initiation

March 2001-Dec 2003 - WORK: (ie "work-study" with Baba Yaga- With my INFANT child in tow!) Susun S. Weed / Wise Woman Ctr. Upstate NY {Office Goddess & Farm Goddess}

Office Goddess
My tasks were not limited to: retrieving, sorting, editing and answering the mail (a tub full each week). Listening to, recording, editing and answering calls on the answering machine. Sorting and taking care of the needs and requests of Susun’s 300+ correspondence course students (not limited to and including: placing book orders to the distributor, sorting and packing those orders upon arrival, along with any other requested items; copying and sending courses, erratic mailings (over 200+), payment thank yous, as well as keeping track of their payments). I wrote checks for and paid Susun’s bills. I copied a variety of documents, including Susun’s manuscripts for the New Menopausal Years, and sent them out for editorial and other critique. I worked on special projects for Susun as they came up: planning her gigs away from home, sending out sponsor letters, making sure the terms of her teaching gigs were clear on both sides. I have personally loaded her car with her Ash Tree Publishing book titles and vending supplies (pen, clipboard/mailing list, change..), for the away gigs that she drove her car to. I also represented Susun and Ash Tree Publishing at the Green Nations gathering, when her teaching commitments led her elsewhere. I served as a laison between the apprentices and Susun, providing encouragement to the students when asked for and appropriate. On several solitary occasions, I have fielded Susun’s Tuesday night free help line.

Farm Goddess
Much of my work for a time at Susun S. Weed’s Laughing Rock Farm was not just in the office. In December-January 2002, I was the sole caretaker of the farm, along with my 15 month old child, I milked and fed the goatherd two times per day, made yogurt, made cheese from their milk, took care of the geese and rabbits, the cats, an abundance of houseplants, as well as all of the office work Susun left for my spare time- oh, yes, and took care of my nursing, just learning to walk son at the same time! On many other occasions I had been called in to do goatherding, teach one or several of the apprentices, milk the goats, make yogurt or cheese or infusions or food or medicine.

(I took solo care of the farm, with my child in tow again, many years later...)

Sept. 2002 
intensive with: Elena Avila, curandera - in upstate NY { From New Mexico, Sra. Avila is the Author of Woman Who Glows in the Dark , as well as a psychiatric nurse. With her I remembered Curanderismo. }

Oct. 2004 
study Magical Passes with: Anya Kiefer- { 2-day Intensive teaching I coordinated with Anya, direct apprentice to Carlos Castaneda, Florinda Donner Grau, and Taisha Abelar } Woodstock, NY

June 3-5, 2005
Intensive study with Jean Houston, Ph.D. & Margaret Rubin- awakening the codes in the DNA and more Rowe, MA

January 2009 
Jaguar Path, Yogic-Shamanic Training, Kripalu, MA

2009/January 2010
 YEAR LONG Mystery School, Human Capacities training with Jean Houston, Ph.D.

May 2009
(I was the) ESSAY CONTEST WINNER! And GUEST at the Joshua Tree Gathering with Lynn V. Andrews, shamaness and author- group shamanic training and processes.

August 2009
Children of the Earth Foundation, Family training in Wilderness Survival  skills

June - November 2010
Completed SOUL REALIGNMENT TM  Practitioner Training  and Certification (Level I)

APRIL 2013- June 2013-  
sat for and PASSED NY State DEC's Wildlife Rehabilitator EXAM
obtained New York State Wildlife Rehabilitator's License

June 2013-November 2013
complete WEEKLY (occasionally twice weekly) VOLUNTEER shifts at Ravensbeard Wildlife Center, in Saugerties, NY (feeding and learning about Birds and Birds of Prey)

October 2013
Attended Educational INTENSIVES and Workshops/Classes at the 33rd Annual New York State Wildlife Rehabilitator's Council Conference in Grand Island, NY
-Received Certification for the Animal Basic Care Intensive
August 2016
Trance Mediumship intensive at het Omega Institute with teacher, Tony Stockwell

Rev. Ursula Carrie and her Beloved Friend, Sweetheart

at Laughing Rock Farm in 2008

(Sweetheart passed away at a ripe old age several years later)
"I was one of the ONLY humans that this Goose would walk up to and get begged to hug and pet and love him- he fell in love with me when I was pregnant with my child- and well, he never fell out of Love! I fell in Love with HIM, too because of the Love HE had for ME! Makes me recall that old song: 'You made me Love You... I didn't wanna' do it, I didn't want to do it...' But I DID! " (December 2013- "I really Miss him sometimes- he was a SPECIAL Being!")
  Other Events / Activities  

2005 to Present (2013)-
Chief On site co-ordinator/helper for Woodstock, New York's Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Winter 2000 - present
Creation of CHURCH of the SACRED EARTH

2007 and 2008 -
Work as  One Day Silent Retreat Registrar for Amma, Sri Karunamayi's visits to Woodstock, NY's Bearsville Theatre

July 2005 - March 2006
Dreaming, Orgaqnization of and Manifestation Of  "Owning It: our feminine divine : a 28 day fĂȘte of sacred art, education and events, by women for women" ~ February 2006 held at the Colony CafĂ©, Rock City Road, Woodstock, NY

November 2005 - February 2006
Direction and presenting of Woodstock, NY’s first performance
of Eve Ensler’s, The Vagina Monologues

2007- Work - 
SUSUN WEED's Ash Tree Publishing editorial staff- work at my home, entering manuscript edits of 3 of Juliette DeBairclai Levy's books (Summer in Gallilee, Gypsy in New York, Spanish Mountain Life) into the publishing computer software- scanning and editing photos from the original publications of the same titles and placing photos into the online manuscrpit- downloading, printing books & submitting all materials to publisher (Susun S. Weed) for 2nd edit.

Teachings (1997-2004)

October 1997 
*To Your Health magazine Health Expo NYC  Presentation on Nourishing Herbal Infusions

October 1998
*National Artists for Mental Health, the Art Of Healing Albany, NY  "Honoring the Ancient Ones Within: Healing the Wise Woman Way"

June 13, 2000 
*Weed Walk for Women focus on herbals for women Woodstock, NY

October 29, 2000 
*Ritual Gathering in Honor of the Ancestors Woodstock, NY

December 17, 2000 
*Winter Solstice Night of Light Woodstock, NY

July 2002 

* Starwood XXII, Association for Consciousness Exploration Sherman, NY  

"Plant Walk:Wake Up with the Wild and Weedy"

Spring 2003

*Moonlodge Series: Talking Stick Circles for Women (2/15, 3/15, 4/12)- Phoenecia, NY

*Weed Wisdom at the Woodstock Community Garden Woodstock, NY  Weed walks for community garden members and friends

December 5, 2003

Yuletide Blessings & Candlelighting Ceremony- Phoenecia, NY

Gypsy Crow Botanica, Woodstock, NY - 
Classes, Workshops, Events 2004
Feb 1** First Spring Greening / Candlemas Ceremony
Mar 20** Spring Equinox / New Moon Ceremony
Apr 24** plant walk-dandelion wine making
May 1** May Day / Beltane Ceremony
May 28** Half Moon High Tea - evening event
May 29** plant walk-herbal medicine making
Jun 19** Summer Solstice / Couple’s Blessing Ceremony
Jun 26** plant walk-wild foods preparation
Jul 10** plant walk-summer medicines
Aug 1** Llmas / First Harvest Ceremony
Sep 4** Intro to "Green Witching: The Essence and Elements of Green Magick and the Wise Woman Tradition" class
Sep 11** Time Out! Wake Up! black candle vigil for positive change
Sep 18** Tattoo as Ritual Videography (Woodstock tattoo festival)
Sep 19** Autumn Equinox Ceremony
Oct 16** Part One "Green Witching:...The Sacred Art of Nourishment"
Oct 17** Nourishing Fall Tonics & Foods for Robust Winter Health
Oct 29** work and learn: topic "Earth Magic and Getting Down with the Deep"
Oct 30** Samhain / Hallows : Ancestral Feast and Community Altar Ritual and Potluck
Nov 2** election day prayer vigil
Nov 13** Part Two "Green Witching:...The Giveaway - Offeratorial Magick"
Dec 18** Winter Solstice Ceremony

May 2004
teaching, wonderful weeds ~ 5 year olds, co-op daycare

Oct 2004/5
Catskill Mountain Ginseng Festival- intuitive counseling

Oct 2004
National Artist for Mental Health Art of Healing Conference " The Six Steps of Healing and the Art of Finding Your Truth "