If I offered you work, but didn't do it {2015/2016}

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Yes, I have found out through the trial and error, how this soul realignment thing worked- with me at least. I was not supposed to be offering this work to people. Like a "Would you like to try..." kind of thing. 
       What I had noticed, until just recently, is that, whenever I for example offered this work as an exchange with other healer-types who do different things than me- it just didn't turn up anything very inspiring or transformative, for either one of us. 
       Kind of uncomfortable, then just awkward. 
     Things have changed to where I just naturally attract, in divine right timing, those who are so ready to transform, to the cellular level, their Soul calls out to me [instead of more consciously "advertising" or pushing the service]. Then, through the Law of Attraction basically, it becomes a rich experience for everyone involved. The client is ripe for change.             Also, for children, unless, I guess, they are having some sort of fearful, nervous, violent or some similar condition, they're probably just fine. 
       I have considered offering a simple "soul profile" reading, but then there is always the draw to read further and just get the clearing done and over with. I mean, why not? One more human being could be free. So, I decide to focus on the whole she-bang.
     So, I acknowledge that some of you may be quite upset with me. I do very well understand from your point of view. I have gone through a lot of deep changes in these years. 
       So, if anyone wants me to go ahead with what I told them that I'd do for them, I am humbled and happy to do so. 
       If not and you say, "Hey lose my number you [so&so]" then o.k., too. I might say the same, and probably have said something to express my negative evaluation, to myself at least, of others of 'my kind' out there! So, 
       Also, I must say, that when an encounter with a client is more divinely orchestrated, more organic if you will, they will not experience any *blocks to working with this process by their physical-family members {who have attachments of their own, or who are perhaps negative souls themselves}
       So, for people that I met while I was out and about at workshops, or people who were my personal clients whose children I offered to help and I never emailed you to say any of this to you, it's because I couldn't find my voice to say any of this out loud until now. And, I decide to do it like this. I will close with, Let me know if you need the help. You'll know if you do.

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