30 April 2020

Death, Earthbound Spirits, Ghosts, "The Poltergeist Story" [Client Session Out-Take] w/ Ursula Carrie

Here is an out-take of a [Post-Realignment/Post 5D+ Exorcism] Client Session that I gave in February 2020. I always thoroughly explain everything to my Client in their one-on-one session with me, after their Akashic Records Clearing. Here, I explain, briefly, Death, Earthbound Spirits, Ghosts and tell my "Poltergeist Story"- before explaining to the Client about their Training in the "3rd Order" I want to send them off into the World with a crystal clear understanding, via their Soul's Story/Perspective and what got cleared from their Record, of what happened in their Life and How and Why. Then the Client is fully Empowered to Reexamine their Own Life's Experiences and go forward with this new, higher perspective (hopefully with a healthy application of Self-Love and Self-Compassion)- as they navigate their new, amazing future- unbound by the blocks of the past.
Overview: As of 2020, I’ve been a Soul Realignment™ practitioner for 10 years. My Practice is Very Grounded in my Previous 13 Years of Training in the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing- 24 years now, in 2020, as a Healer in the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing.
In 2008, I was asked by Spirit to call my blog, therefore all of my activities thereafter, “earth~spirit medicine”.  This means “Marrying Earth and Spirit in the Human Heart.” This is what I embody, how I move through the 3rd Dimension: as someone who has a foot planted firmly in Both Worlds. I Live, every moment of every day, Everything that I Share and Teach.
I call Soul Realignment™, “Exorcism 5D+”, as a way to better explain what Soul Realignment™ is about.

Because of the Ascension to the Higher Dimension, those who were Ready, were given a new tool of healing, to assist other embodied Souls to jump-start their own Ascension process. The old 4th Dimensional tools of healing and moving Energies (Reiki, Vodun, Witchcraft, Burning sage, etc.) are no longer effective and no longer apply to the Ascending Soul. You no longer need another human being to “move” or “shift” energies for you. You will be able to do this for yourself after your Soul Realignment™ is done.
The Soul Realignment™ process, in which I go into the Akashic Record/Soul Record of my client, and remove all of the ‘blocks and restrictions’ that are preventing the True Start of their Ascension process. These ‘blocks and restrictions’ vary, depending on the person/the Soul. In 10 years, I have never seen two Souls with the exact same Soul Story/Soul History/Life Circumstances.
I may find Past Life issues, not limited to: negative entity attachments, contracts, vows, etc… and*/or Current Life issues, not limited to: Golden web chakra tears, possessive entities, negative entity attachments, Negative guides on the Spirit Guide Team, etc… (*meaning there may be a combination of Past and Present Life issues affecting the person/embodied Soul)
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Now that my son has grown up and left the nest, I am focusing more on My Work. I will be adding new articles and content, drawn from my many decades of experience, to Assist those who are Awakening and who need these Vital Services that I offer.
Ursula Carrie (the Rev.)

11 April 2020

COVID-19 Earth/Human Lung Correlation Download= We Co-Exist in a Hologram (March 29, 2020)

Beloved Souls,
Since the COVID-19 pandemic began to sweep the world, I have been experiencing consistent insomnia, or sleep very little, and nightmares when I do get to sleep. (I have recently- April 10, 2020- heard on BBC news radio that this is now a common phenomena that is occurring in an astonishingly large percentage of the human population.)
I had managed to sleep for a couple of hours, but was awakened on this Sunday, March 29, 2020 and instructed by my Guides to grab my phone and record this voice note. I seemingly did this while still in deep slumber. I put the phone away and forgot about it.
A few days later, I remembered something of what was said to me about the *Correlation between the Lungs of the Earth being destroyed, (really the devastation of all of the Natural world by pollution and over consumption of natural resources) and the current pandemic amongst the Human Race that affects the Respiratory System.
I looked for the piece of paper upon which I had written this Clairaudiently received message, and found no paper. Then, I remembered- I recorded it on my phone. Here is the voice note as recorded on Sunday, March 29, 2020 at 7:57 am.
Another confirmation by Spirit, of what many Indigenous Peoples and Channelers have been saying...
Thank You. Bless You.
~Rev. Ursula Carrie April 10, 2020

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31 March 2020

Because of a Visitation from Urd, letter to the Beloveds at ESM (Facebook post 3.31.2020)

I have been playing his Ascension Game for a long time, now. In fact I have been at this since my first life here, Lemuria. (NO, I did *not* take an incarnation in the time of Atlantis, though.) I have clear memories of many of my Lifetimes, all of which have come back to me in this Particular Life/Lifetime.
When I was in my very early 20's, for some reason, I blurted out to myself, "This is my last incarnation." I didn't know what that meant then. I thought it meant that I was going to die and disappear forever, never incarnate again. It was somewhere in the years that I became a Soul Realignment practitioner that I fully understood: THIS IS MY LAST INCARNATION on a 3rd DIMENSIONAL EARTH. My Soul Vibration has now Ascended into 11th Dimensional Consciousness. The 3D is sloughed away....
I started my blog, "earth~spirit medicine" in 2008. I haven't written on it lately. I'm focusing on other platforms at present. ANY more autobiographical writing or musings are being directed at official publication, in book format.
I was visited by Urd two days ago. This is surprising, for I didn't consider myself to have any affinity with Norse Goddess Energies.... Nevertheless... That's all I can say about that Experience for Now...
Here, FOR NOW is a POST from JUNE 18, 2012, on the EVE of MY 40th TRIP AROUND THE SUN.
Thank You for reading. Thank You for Being Here.
Rev. Ursula Carrie
I didn't do pictures with the posts back then, so... XoXo