19 October 2017

What's all this "me-too" about?

It's about the rise of the feminine divine. Those of us who knew that this was happening, had been brewing for a hundred years now. Now, the third cycle shall begin in earnest. The third wave.
       "Every warrior needs an impetus to act." I said this to a young woman the other day. I was upset about a different, environmentally related, local issue, and I was looking to channel my anger into something more helpful, like plans for positive action.
       It's the "bad guys" that push us so far that we have to get up, take a stand and innovate/channel positive change. "Contrast creates desire." Those who are attuned with the work of Abraham-Hicks will know that quote. It's true.
       And you know what? Women have been fucking each other up for so many hundreds of years. This is bringing them together. I hope that the movement does not derail and stagnate in anger and victim consciousness. It is the reunification of like souled women with their sisters that will weave the web of stable power, unconditional love that will energetically reboot the original blueprint of this world.  
       As women's power awakens, it is important to direct the focus of the group activity on what is most positively desired as the outcome of the present activity. This visualization of the end-product so to speak is how you will bring about the changes that you desire. The rules of positive visualization have not changed. Holding anger in the heart or mind toward the offender will only further link your energies to their energy field(s). If the offender is truly a being who is not aligned with the light, then they will make use of  this energy linkage. Hatred, resentment and so on, if sustained  make the energetic fields further vulnerable to attracting more like energies and/or entities.
       That's all on that for now. 

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