21 November 2017

3 Days after Realignment, Thank You's all Around

Whenever people thank me for anything, I have a habit of saying, "Thank You, too." Every interaction is an opportunity to exchange and to grow. I didn't get my longer post together for my 6am deadline, but I awoke at 10am to find this lovely message on my Facebook wall from the mother of an adult client. What could have been better?! I conducted his clearing prayer late Friday night (November 17, 2017):
       "Thank you Rev. Ursula Carrie Wilkerson for the clearing for my son. Amazing movements. Seeing some tangible changes. I realize the importance of both the Medical and the Spiritual and how in order for the Medical Healing to really work, the Spiritual Healing must be there to change the direction or banish those forces not operating for the good of my son. You have brought calming, clarity and some amazing peace to his life. If you reading this have been thinking about Soul Realignment as a way to 'come back home', I would highly recommend it and highly recommend Rev. Ursula Carrie Wilkerson's work." (-T.B.)

       As always, I am very thankful for the opportunity to grow and learn and expand my own Beingness in this physical plane through connecting with my Family of Light- all Guides and Ascended Masters, et.al.- and so thankful for the opportunity to help other humans break through the veil of illusion and reclaim their incarnation for the highest and best good of All.

Obviously, more on this as we go.
Much Love,
Ursula Carrie

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