19 November 2017

Squirrel as Teacher

:) one of "mine"
Today's Musing November 18, 2017:
       The Squirrel is such a great shamanic teacher. I am using the word "shamanic" to mean "energetic". Because, I have learned over the years of bird feeding that- every single time I focus my attention to the undesired behavior of the squirrel (I.E. hanging on the pegs of the seed feeder and just killin' it, like for 10 straight minutes!)- it just gets worse. The behavior of the squirrel gets more intense, as well as my bad feelings about it. Energetically, this serves no positive purpose except to remind me that I am a powerful creator of my experience and that wherever I focus my attention does become my experience here in this physical plane.
       You know what happens when I drop the window shade and focus on something that makes me feel centered, feel good in my body (because when I focus on things that are negative and in misalignment with my higher self/truth, divine light, love, truth- it actually causes acute physical discomfort and/or full on pain in my body-  immediately, and have to address it with expediency)- well, firstly, I feel better (incidentally, for the Sensitives out there, this can apply to any situation in which you know that you are being pulled out of alignment with your Self by any form of manipulations and confrontation dramas, likely brought to you by a negative soul, or the negative influences in your own person interacting with the negative influences on another positive soul), and second, the squirrel just goes away, literally.
       I have had other intuitive experiences with the squirrels that come to the feeding area here. One Being I had been able to communicate where their own personal dish was, and directed it to go eat there. I started with verbal direction, "Where's your dish?" The 'sh' sound in 'dish' is always heavily accented. The squirrel would turn its head towards the old tin square cake pan on the deck where I spooned a lump of 'squirrel chow'. I found that the words 'bowl, plate' and other words for an eating vessel were not effective. The 'sh' sound was effective. Eventually, we progressed to be able to make a connection to the energy field of the squirrel with my own projected mind-energy. I would 'drop' this 'mind-energy', like a ball (although it doesn't look like a ball, it doesn't have any look or form) down to the deck- and the squirrel would look after it! Then, it would look at me, and I'd say out loud, very gently, encouraging, "Go ahead." And It would climb down and go to the dish!

Little Blackie, 2014
       I have to say it's quite thrilling, in the fun way! I did hear a brief clip of Abraham talking about if you want to practice Intention, try a squirrel. I just wanted to share this experience, because humans treat them as such an annoyance but I feel such tenderness for them. They really are such frisky, sweet Beings- and they are hell-bent on getting what they want! That's quite an admirable trait. It is an occasional sad thing for me to see one of them dead in the road near my apartment, because I know that, "That was one of mine." Yes, I call them "mine". All my babies, still.       

HOW to *NOT Hit* a SQUIRREL in the road:
  1. Slow down, anyway in the first place and pay attention with your peripheral vision. Adopt the practice of extending your vision to the broader expanse of the road ahead of you when driving (see the great videos below  in the footer of this blog about "Wide Angle Vision").
  2. A squirrel's innate defense mechanism is to STOP, and stand motionless when they sense a predator approaching. A car is a giant metal predator, so is the human inside.
  3. Slow the car down and BEEP the HORN- it will startle the squirrel out of its automatic response mechanism- and it will retreat to the side of the road
Then, maybe the Squirrel Shaman will play with You, too!

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