23 November 2017

Time Out! We need to talk about *Light Power Imaging* part 1

Today, I was going to wrap up my current musing about me and the Plants, but I need to interrupt that thread for a minute and have a few words about Light Power Imaging. Because, this is a tough one- it's highly addictive. At least when someone is Soul Shifting, when the shifting situation is cleared and dissolved, the client is ecstatic that the other soul/s are gone. Good riddance! You know? Well, hopefully you don't, but let's just say a whole new wind takes up the sails when the extra souls have vacated the body. But Light Power Imaging? This gets sticky. "Complicated" probably doesn't cover it.
       Light Power Imaging is an illusion technique that a practitioner must clear in the beginning from a client's Akashic Record, if it is present, so a clear reading of the client's record can be achieved. I encountered someone who was employing this energy manipulation technique when I was a student, and I was unable, then, to proceed with the rest of the charting process. I was definitely unprepared at that time to go this deep! A recent encounter with someone who was light power imaging, the first since 7 years ago, has brought me deep compassion and insight as to how and why a Soul may feel compelled to adopt this technique and how that soul may fall helplessly addicted. I may also have some insight, some hope for the future, as to how a sincere Soul may break this addiction and reconnect with the safety and source of their own true power...

[part 2 coming... + there's HOPE]

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