23 February 2015

Changelings, the Draconian footsoldier

The “channeled” part, meaning when I felt guiding-presence with me as I wrote, is in quotes. The rest is me talking.

“Changelings, and all beings of the lower dimensions, are targeting the beings of Light who are consciously on the path of ascension. For as the myriad of lighted souls wake up and begin to express the qualities of the higher realms in their daily existence, as they move out of hapless engagement in the dark realms of fear, control, greed, bully/victim, guilt, shame, what have you, the changelings have no sustenance upon which to draw and feed their existence in this third dimensional physical realm. And, being not on a path of Light and Soul evolution, having surrendered whatever original soul blueprint they once had that contained the codes for this type of growth and expansion, they need the lower vibrations that are slowly phasing out of existence on your planet.

Therefore, when a changeling comes into contact with a being who is experiencing unbridled joy, love, happiness, contentment, expansion, it is a knee-jerk reaction that the changeling immediately goes to any tool that they think will create the chaos even unto depression and angst in that person. This energy of course seeps out into the energy bodies, be it the emotional body (most common) or the mental body, of the changeling’s target, and then the changeling feeds on this. It also lowers the vibration of the ascending being who was the intended target.

This becomes more of a factor as the lighted one becomes more sensitive to the realms of energy and the higher vibrations that are integrating into the consciousness as well as the physical form. It is a time of great vulnerability and care must be taken to take each situation, in which an encounter such as these with the changelings that remain on Earth, and go slow with it as opposed to the ingrained reactionary responses that humanity has been long trained into.

Take these situations and, if possible, hold them in the light of higher perspective. If you are able to have some communication, either telepathically or otherwise, with your Personal Team of Guides, or with your Master Teachers, Angels, or Archangels, do so. Ask to be shown in some fashion, through whatever your modality of communication may be (light, color, sound, visuals, dreams, etc.) what really is happening, here.”

And if you do not already have a working relationship with your helpers through the veil, then if you are in a situation such as this and you are attempting to find clarity, command that all communications only come to you from your team of guides, etc.

Although many humans who subscribe to some new age teachings, practices and beliefs might say that there is no such thing as negative souls or the dark ones, there is, there are. There is a war for energy going-on on this world that is invisible and imperceptible to most humans, for there are the ones who are unawakened and may never shall awaken, and the ones who are benefiting from the perpetual possibly eternal slumber of these embodied souls.

Changelings work with manipulation, chaos and depression energies. They cloak themselves in the illusion of being on a path of Light. They may demonstrate interest in many modalities of healing such as Reiki, massage and body-work, Shamanic studies, etc. They are difficult to detect, until one has multiple experiences with such a being. There begins to emerge patterns of behavior that are unmistakable. It is also helpful to have a connection with the Akashic Record if you are having an experience with a person such as this to clarify what sort of soul is being dealt with. Then, at least one can strategize from a higher viewpoint how to deal, or better not deal with such nonsense.

I am writing this from a four-year experience with a downstairs neighbor who is a changeling. I can tell you for certain that being openhearted, loving and giving is not the way to deal with a changeling. They will bleed you dry. This sort of heart-centered energy is a cue to a changeling to begin to stir the pot. I have experienced subtle manipulations, low spoken verbal threats, threats in writing, imagined accusations, yelling, passive aggressiveness- every crazy behavior you can imagine. And when I have approached the situation with Love and an Open heart- it got worse!

I appreciate those teachers out there who talk all about Being Love and being in the light of Creator Source and to have that compassion for all beings, but I am here to say that this kind of dealing with a changeling does not, and can not apply. Steer clear, and leave whatever “love and compassion” there is to be dealt to them in the hands of the One who created them.

The changeling, at some point in their journey, made a conscious choice to surrender their original blueprint of Light, and assimilate into the Changeling Collective. They did this in exchange for (the illusion of) “power”. Whatever kind of power they were promised, it is and was not the power that comes from Divine Creator Source, which is the only actual source of power existent. Since they have chosen to go against the Divine Streams of Soul Evolution on a path of Light, they must create the energies that they need to survive in the physical environment. I for one am declining to be a power source; my name is not Duracell or Eveready.

Some so-called “lightworker” beings would want to take this on, “send them love”, etc… I however am not a hero. I know through hard earned experience that this does not and will not work, because changelings have no interest in feeling or being anything that has to do with Divine love, Divine Light or Divine Truth. If you feel that you must engage in this sort of heroic practice, then send that love to Wildlife, or to your Child, or the other Children/Light Beings who will actually benefit from this gesture. And keep somewhere in your place of Knowing that there is no Presence more powerful than Creator source, and all business of this sort, really is Its business. “Let go, let God.” My only business is to recognize the situation and what is at play in the realm where no one sees but perceives, learn what lessons I am meant to learn on this path of self mastery, and keep on trucking.

Now, I admit that this is easier said than done, especially when one such as I (and probably you, too) wishes to exist in a world where one is free and safe to be in and life in the heart. There is still such a thick soup of lower dimensional energies present on Earth, and we do have run-ins with this- just because we are still physical, and the nature of the planet still is what it is. Self-mastery does not “tickle”, it can be grueling and downright suck, ok? This is especially true if you are one of the numerous Light Beings who are absolutely the only one in your family, circle of friends, community who speaks this language of the Spirit, who can see through the veils of Maya, who can perceive the truths that these negative souls (that includes the negative entity attachments and the negative guides that are operating through light beings, who are as of yet undiscovered by the consciousness of the person) are adept at concealing. For, in this circumstance, there is no one to talk with, to back you up, to share your vision, to empathize, to understand. I also know this all too well. Then we must rely on the connection with our Guides, with Mother/Father God, the Protective Archangels and the many Rays (the Violet Transmuting Flame, the Blue Flame of Divine Protection) that have been dispensed to us here now for our use as we go through this process of emergence.

I am also finding my way through this.

Ursula Carrie