.I AM. Prayer Practice

 I am posting the file that I created- a sample "I AM Practice", intended to help anyone who would like to get started with a daily "I AM" but was unsure of how to word their statements. This will give the seeker the tone of how the words are arranged for the most positive use of the Mantra 'I AM'.       
       Notice that none of these sacred mantras contain negative words such as, "no, not, never, don't, etc". Nor do these Intonations make reference to any present physical life condition that is considered 'undesriable'. No focus is placed upon any of this for some reasons, the two most of mine being: 1) Spirit does not hear the negative words, so the phrasing must not attract the opposite of what is desired as the eventual 'outcome'/manifestation and  2) again, focusing my powerful Intent on what I don't want doesn't bring what I want, it just brings whatever I'm focusing on. I've had a lot of practice with that too! *Blessings Be*
Love, Ursula Carrie"
“I AM” Sample Prayers/Affirmations 


By- Rev. Ursula Carrie*

Version #3, July 1, 2015

I AM always the Victorious Presence of the Mighty I AM.

I AM Impervious. {f you are sensitive to the Energies about you.}

I AM Invincible.

I AM Totally Secure.

I AM Free.

I AM the Pure Electronic Essence that fills my mind and body.

I AM Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious and Happy.

I AM the opulence of God, made Visible in My Hands and My Use.

I AM the balancing Breath.

I AM Yoga. {“Yoga”, meaning the perfect fusion of the Soul Self with the Physical Self}

I AM the Perfectly Controlled Breath of My Body.

I AM Confident.

I AM Peaceful. I AM Patient.

I AM Sure.

I AM the Dreams of God made Manifest through me.

I AM the Miracle-Working Presence in everything I require to have done.

I AM Clear-Minded.

I AM Clear about what I want.

I AM Guided to My Goals.

I AM the Full Comprehension and Illumination of everything
I want to Know and Understand.

I AM the Perfect, Divine Radiant Intelligence, active in my Brain
       and in every Cell of my Body.
I AM Peaceful.
I AM Centered.

I AM Secure.

I AM Loved and I AM Beloved.

I AM Comfortable in My Physical Body.

I AM Safe.
I AM Guided.

I AM Financially Abundant and Secure.

I AM the Riches of God, Flowing into My Hands and My Use.

I AM the Precipitation, Manifestation and Sustaining Power
       of Every Constructive Thing I Desire.

I AM the Presence that Clothes Me in My Eternal, Transcendent Garment of Light.

I AM the Only All-Powerful Acting-Presence in My Mind, My Body and My World.

I AM the Light of the Mighty I AM.

I AM the Sacred Transmuting Flame. {also called, the Violet Flame}

I AM the Mighty, Magic Circle of protection about Me that Is Invincible, and Repels from Me every discordant thought and element, which seeks to find entrance or intrude itself.

I AM the perfection of My World, and It Is Self-Sustained.

*Ideas, and some of the word construction of the I AM Statements above were Inspired by:

1) The I AM Discourses, transmitted through Godfre Ray King from 1932-1935

For further information, please contact: SAINT GERMAIN FOUNDATION - SAINT GERMAIN PRESS  www.SaintGermainFoundation.org   www.SaintGermainPress.com

2) The Master Key System, by Charles F. Haanel,  original publication 1916

3) The Universal Mind Meditation, by Kelly Howell, inspired by the book, Three Magic Words, by U.S. Andersen

 4) other I AM statements by Ursula Carrie, as were per my needs and desires at that time, and the qualities I wished to live and express

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