Plant-a-Prayer™ Project
$12 packet of 3 
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Your Plant-a-Prayer™ packet contains 3 lovingly handmade paper Prayer 'Wheels', effused with hand harvested Dandelion Seeds, whisps and all! These delicate 3.5" rounds have been Blessed with all of the Love inherent in their Creation, from the First Inspiration to the Studio and Beyond. They are Ready to Receive Your Very Own Heart-full Intentions of Blessings and Prayer, and Be Planted in the Earth.  

SUSTAINABLE Packaging: Plant-a-Prayer™ are packaged in a biodegradable & compostable cello sleeve, labeled with a laser-printed, compostable sugar cane label. Your packet will be mailed to you in a simple, recyclable 5"x 5" hand-stamped (non-machined) envelope, with a thank you note.         


Video on left: 
Plant-a-Prayer™ Handmade Paper/Prayer Tool Project Day 1: February 20, 2019 - slideshow

Video on right: Plant-a-Prayer™ Handmade Paper/Prayer Tool Project Day 2 and 1st run finished: February 21 and 28, 2019 - slideshow

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