*LightPowerImager* I AM Practice to Heal

Daily Prayer
~ for use after a Soul Realignment™ clearing~ 
to assist in breaking the addiction 
to Light Power Imagery,
and to reconnect with authentic Light and Power
the I AM/Creator Source power Within 
Created/Compiled by Rev. Ursula Carrie * 
New Moon May 15, 2018, revised July 1, 2018

I AM Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving,Harmonious and Happy.
I AM the Only All-Powerful Acting-Presence in My Mind, My Body, My Heart and My World.
I AM the Pure Electronic Essence that fills my mind and body
I AM the Opulence of God, made Visible in My Hands and My Use.
I AM at One with My Soul.
I AM the Presence that Clothes Me in My Eternal, Transcendent Garment of Light.
I AM the Light and the Love of God.
I AM Safe.
I AM Guided.
I AM Loved.
I AM Beloved.
I AM Comfortable in My Physical Body, and in My World.

That Which Created Me Fortifies and Sustains Me.
I AM that I AM that I AM.

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