03 November 2019

Negative Entities: A Primer

Received- October 30, 2019
Entities are attracted to the energy that created them. They are not "souls", created by The One. They are human created negative thought forms that were fed so much energy they took on a life of their own. But they can not continue to "live" unless they are able to draw energy (emotional/mental) from a living human, since negative entities are human created and human sustained. So, they look for the energies that they are "OF", in a human to sustain them (attach).
I am so often asked this question by the clients that I serve, and I have also been surprised, myself, about, "How could I have attracted that?" So, first, let's say again: we are differentiating and clarifying here that negative entities are not Souls, and what negative entities need to survive- the same energies that created them. 

How Negative Entities Attach to Human Energy Fields
A scenario... Recently, one evening, I stood at my meditation table and recounted in my mind a scenario in which I had felt wronged by someone. Now, my natal Mars being in Leo, the more I replayed the unresolved scenario, the more indignant I felt about the injustice. I mean, really upset. You know the self-talk in this scene, "How could you treat me, Me, like that, of all people?" And, as human loops do, I indulged this emotion, let myself get swept away on it- all night, and well into the next day! 

I didn't think anything of it, even with what I do, that such strong negative emotion could attract an Entity- who would be a perfect match to the lower vibrational emotion that I had been indulging. In this case that was "indignity", and feeling a great amount of "anguish" in my heart that I could be so wronged, and how could they act so disgracefully. 
So, why was it a such surprise to me when I discovered this particular Block, Restriction in my Akashic Record not too long later:
  • 4th Chakra (Heart Chakra) Entity
  • 4th Chakra (Golden Web) Tear
  • Emotional Body program: "indignity"  "mortification" "ignominy" (dishonorable conduct, public shame or disgrace) also "suffering" (to be upset)
[I cleared it, along with the few other things I found on my Record in that session.]

"It's OK to feel indignant, just don't stay in it so long!" (Lol.) 

The words of my Guide Team, after I cleared myself 

and had a good chuckle at my own energetic folly. Lesson learned! :)

The Lesson is This- Yes, it is true that we, as eternal Souls, have come here to this Earth, to participate in Being Human- and this means everything that goes with it, most especially being able to Experience a myriad of Emotion. I was all caught up in my justification that, "Well, I came here to experience being human, so I'm going to fully indulge whatever emotions come up for me. That's my right." Lol. However, a healthy amount of detachment can spare me an attachment, next time! (Detachment, meaning the practice of: Being the Observer of the emotion/experience- when we start spinning our wheels in a negative thought and/or emotion, which inevitably becomes one of the causes of suffering. Obviously! You see the webbing-up of the various spiritual teachings/philosophies?)
Repetitive negative (as well as positive!)👍"Thoughts Create" (really, Emotions Create)- and they also Attract- a physical reality that is a complex soup of Energies, of which we as human beings, are the main creators- but not the only participants. 
Remember here: Negative thought forms, that took on a life of their own and became Entities, were once the strong, repetitive negative Thoughts and/or Emotions of a Human being, at some point or another in human history. Keep in mind this idea that- that the original creator of the negative thought form, which took on its own life, may have passed from the physical plane, which leave the Entity to need to seek and find like-energies in another human being to attach to, and draw life force energy from...
Repetitive negative emotion/thought=negative thought form+continued "feeding" of the negative thought/emotion=(eventually)Negative Entity
  Emotions Are Powerful.    I'll get back to that in another post...
The scenario that I used, above, to show how a Negative Entity can attach to a human involved the Emotional Body of the human. The strong energies were being felt in the emotions of the human, and they were strongly felt in the Heart. 
Let's Take it Further and make up a "Mental Body Scenario", using the same Program words
If the strong negative energies (say again, "indignation" and "suffering" for clarity and consistency) were being run through the Mind of the human, without emotion, as repetitive thought loops, an Entity may choose to run a Mental Body Program when they are attracted to attach. 
For further illustration- about the Chakra to which an Entity might be attracted-to attach: Say, also in this scenario, along with thinking about some "dishonorable conduct" the human has witnessed and doesn't like- say the ability of the human to Speak Up about the "disgrace" is impeded, or the human thinks that their ability to be heard/speak up is being blocked, and in their thoughts they have been so "mortified" about it that they are "suffering"/"upset" about not being able to speak on the issue- then this Mental Body Program may be run at the 5th Chakra (Throat Chakra).  
The Program, with the presence/attachment of the Entity there at the 5th Chakra, and the resulting Tear* of the 5th Chakra, would amplify the already experienced strong negative thoughts the human had about the issue (being upset, not being able to speak up, indignity, etc..)- *leading to the dis-empowerment, completely, of the Voice... and the exaggeration of the original issue. 
So, that Mental Body Scenario would've looked like this:
  • 5th Chakra Entity (Throat Chakra)
  • 5th Chakra (Golden Web) Tear
  • Mental Body Program: "indignity"  "mortification" "ignominy" (dishonorable conduct, public shame or disgrace) also "suffering" (to be upset)
Entity attachment at one energy center/chakra can be a progression which often has a "snowball-effect", creating other issues in other energy centers, which attract more Entities, etc...
For Now, in conclusion (because this topic is in no way exhausted!):
  • A Negative Entity will run a Program in either the Mental Body (affecting the person's thoughts) or the Emotional Body (affecting the person's feelings). 
  • At which Chakra/Energy Center the Entity runs this Program will depend on where the human is thinking or feeling the strongest. 
  • We attract Negative Entities through the prolonged indulgence of a Negative (Lower Vibrational) Thought and/or Emotion
  "Like Attracts Like" is True in this case of Attracting Entity Attachments as well. 
All of my clients so far have come to me- 
with multiple entity attachments at multiple chakras.

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