15 January 2019

some of my self inquiry i.e. transformation

I have more to say on this topic of the transformative times we're in. 
I want to get with you if I can, here on the blog, before Sunday's Blood Moon Eclipse. Since I am sharing my words publicly with on an essay contest today, some notes that I penned to myself about the slow, deeply cleansing energy of life transition that I know I have been in since the beginning of 2017, I'll publish here first.

Be sure to check the Facebook page. I am posting a lot of links and other little video updates and things over there lately... 
There's some videos links for you to catch about this Sunday's blood moon.

XoXo Big Love.
Thank you for Being Here.
Ursula Carrie

[November 19, 2018]

rain falls on graves
and occasionally taps a pan
there was something
deep inside
that has sung to me
but the voice has died
I am a Ghost
of my Self, who Was
and I don't know
if I'll ever be anything

[ January 6, 2019]

I am awaiting the 
Rebirth of my Self
but I don't think this Self
has seen this Life, yet.
I'd rather give birth
to my son
a thousand times more.
Mine own labor pains-
are excruciating.
Have I stuck myself

in the birth canal?