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How I Work: Time for a New Letter!
October 25, 2019

I AM a Soul Realignment™ practitioner, but what I do doesn’t “go by the book”, that is- the training manual. Of course, I follow all of the lines of inquiry, put forth by the course manual, into the Soul’s Record. However this basic framework has been deeply enhanced and expanded from: 9½ earth years of Working with the Akashic Records Guides assigned to me, with my own Personal Team of Guides (which has changed throughout my journey), with my Archangelic Masters and Teachers- and of course from staying in alignment with My Own Beloved I AM Presence (my Soul) on my Path of Earthly, Incarnated Ascension.

First, and foremost, I Am trained and grounded in The Wise Woman Tradition of Healing. I spent 13 years, working closely with my teacher (the woman who re-birthed the Wise Woman Tradition into our Times) Susun Weed. I live “The 6 Steps of Healing”. I am not of “The Heroic Tradition”. I am not Here to “save” anyone. I do not offer
“spiritual counseling” (unless, of course you have been my client, and you need someone to talk things out with when you come upon a bump in your road, post Realignment- then I can offer you a bit of support as you get on your way). I do not offer spiritual counseling to a non-client, because I have no desire to sit for 30 minutes- for any amount of green paper $- and listen to someone’s entity attachment or possessive spirit, or even a straight up incarnated Reptillian, "go-on", with the Intent to lower my Vibration, or even siphon from my own Energy. Therefore, I Am Here- to perform a Service. Only. That Service is Exorcism- modern exorcism we are calling “Soul Realignment™”.

Evidently, I am “old school”, since my training in this particular modality came very early in its release to the world. My training manual is copyrighted 2007. I began my training in the early Summer of 2010. I took my time and very successfully completed my training by the Autumn. In my training to perform Soul Realignment™, the teacher told me, in our only one-on-one session, “I didn’t have to correct any of the information that you got… You should take that in…” It was so natural to me, this progression of my Service work, that it never occurred to me that any of my findings could be “wrong”…

My accuracy, and the Truths that I uncover, have only grown stronger throughout the years. I trust my Akashic Records Guides and the relationship that we have cultivated through these past 9½ years. They have taught me many things that “go beyond the page”, not just in The Work, but to help me in My Own Ascension. This is a constant process of expansion, of fine-tuning. When I am working for a client, I am often intuitively prompted by my Guides to ask questions and to inquire about things that are not in the manual. In my meditations during my research, dots get connected, insights are downloaded about the Soul’s Situation. I do tend to get very specific, with the linear aspects of the Blocks and Restrictions, such as dates and timeframes. “Getting specific” was not recommended in the training manual, but my clients will attest to the factual nature of what I have brought to them. I like to linearize the very abstract elements brought froth from the Soul Record, and organize the information in a “story format”, in a timeline- even though there are always issues happening simultaneously and overlapping. I find that this really Helps the Human to be able to accept and assimilate the information that I am presenting to them. In a first-time Clearing- the client’s head is spinning, I know. And, they are falling fast “down the rabbit hole”- no brakes, no parachute. Believe me, I was there, too, at one point, but it seems like a very long time ago…

David Suchet, as Poirot
It’s always been in my nature to want to get to the bottom of a mystery. Once when I was much younger, the woman who was my “god-mother” said to me, “You never miss a trick, Urs.” I read, many years later, in a memoir given to me by the author that- (paraphrasing) children who grew up in abusive homes are hyper vigilant about their surroundings, we learn to Read people and situations, hear what’s not being spoken, at a very early age. I always like to say, “It’s the Agatha Christie fan in me!”
Not quite Jane Marple… just call me Poirot- the David Suchet version! Lol.

I am always amazed- and endlessly fascinated- by the Soul Stories that I am privileged to bear witness to, and how these unseen elements (but often felt and known at a deeper level by the client) have truly played out on the Physical Stage, the Earthly Life of my client. I have had clients tell me over the years that I revealed Truths from their Akashic Record (via the Blocks and Restrictions that came up for Clearing) that on one else has ever known about them, things that they never told anyone, not even their significant other! Pretty affirming, and relieving for the client! That’s what we’re here for- relief of the Blocks and Restrictions that have been keeping the Human stuck and from the Path of their Highest Purpose in this Lifetime. I have to admit, sometimes when I’m deep into someone’s Record, I think, “I can’t wait until I’m done so I can watch some British detective show!” I’m just so much in the mood! LMAO.

Needless to say, I love what I do. I feel so Blessed to have been goaded by my personal Guides, “way back when”, to spend the only money I had in the world at that time (my income tax refund) to, “Take the course.” That’s what they said, and it was so Powerful, I could not refuse. I am so happy I answered the Call. And I did all of this, simultaneously while working jobs, nurturing and home-schooling (and keeping the Record clear for) my Beloved Starseeded Son (as a single mom with extremely limited financial resources or family support), and attending to the demands of understanding that I was Ascending and having declared an Intention (in my early 30’s- somebody put a hand on that young woman’s mouth! Lol) to Be a Self-Master. Not too bad! (Wink.)

Now, in 2020 I will celebrate 10 years of Soul Realignment™, 22 years of my Earthly Ordination into the Priesthood (the Order of Melchizedek), 24 years as a Healer in The Wise Woman Tradition of Healing, 12 years of this blog, “earth~spirit medicine”, and 10 years of my page on Facebook, “Earth~ Spirit Medicine”, as well as a successful Motherhood Journey (although you can’t tell my teenager that it was “successful”… Groan!). It seems like a long journey of Becoming- becoming a Woman, understanding my Gifts, of Healing past traumas (and past-life traumas!), battling the bullies, finding my Center…

The list goes on and on! BUT, for Me- all of these years leading up to The Now, have been THE WARM-UP. I have been instructed, with no wiggle room for denial, by my Beloved Team/ Family of Light- IT’S TIME TO GET LIT ! *

So Folks- you’ve probably tried everything (like I did)- sage (sage does nothing to get rid of an entity attachment- that’s old 4th dimensional healing practices… but it smells good!), Reiki, psychotherapy, witchcraft (also old 4th dimensional, and problematic for the Soul Record), affirmations, trying to work the L.O.A. as best you can, etc. etc…etc… But you still feel like something’s amiss, like there’s something “on you” that you just can’t shake- you’re probably right. Entities operate in silence and in stealth. They don’t want your conscious mind to know of their Presence! You knowing would not serve their agenda, which is simply put is- siphoning your Energy.

Now, there’s no way that I can tell you if you need this work done. Your Soul has to lead you to it. I go about in my “mundane” life, and I see plenty of Entities on the people that I interact with, but telling them that they would benefit from this Work will not come to anything if the Soul deems that the Human is not ready. Some humans will never be ready in this particular lifetime, and some Souls will not ever choose to Ascend. If you are too entrapped, and the Human-self cannot make a move, your Angels and Guides will help lead you… but only when it is Time, when it’s Your Time to be Freed and for Your own Ascension process to be Jump-Started. And then, you’ll Know beyond any doubts that “That Time” has come for you.

So, whenever you’re at “That Point”, you know the “I can’t take this shit anymore!” point, and you’ve tried it all to no avail, and you come to me to perform this very sacred work for you- I Will Bring Out The Blade. I will come in, I will be precise and You will be Relieved. And have a nice day! Dead Ass. No playing. I have found, as soon as a client has contracted me for this service, the shifts already begin! I have said many times, “The Entities see me coming.”, because- they do! And, I have some hair-raising tales to tell about that (being seen in the other dimensional planes by the client’s Entities), sometime very soon.

PLEASE ALSO KNOW THIS: I do not sugar-coat in my delivery of information. I do not coddle or feel pity or get emotionally involved in your case. I have been instructed by Archangel Michael, long ago that, “Sugarcoating is a form of Judgment.” This means that- if I were to “bubble-wrap” what I have found in a client’s Record, then I am making a (erroneous) determination, with my limited human consciousness, of what I think a client can and cannot handle. I am not allowed to make this kind of determination. Archangel Michael said, “Give them The Truth, and let them do what they Will with it.” So, I am straight, to the point- and I explain everything! I take the time in the client consultation to make sure my client has all of the explanations, definitions, etc. so when I send them on their way, they’re not going off into their Journey “half-cocked”… My son may be grown, but the Divine Mother in me is Alive, and Very Well! Lol. You know what I mean? 💖

I Look Forward to Serving You, Beloved Galactic Human, in the Jump-Starting of Your Ascension.

~ XoXo         
Ursula Carrie

(* The more modern/urban definition “lit”- something that’s “exciting”… not the original definition, which refers to intoxication by use of alcohol/drugs- not in this context at least! Lol)

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