Exactly that.   
  • You have questions about the "supernatural"? 
  • Do you have a desire to be in "right living" with the Earth and her non-human inhabitants, but you don't know how and/or don't know who to ask?
I will answer your questions, to the best of my knowledge through my own life experiences between the worlds
except for those that involve direct Akashic Records reading work with your record*via video posted to my You Tube vlog channel, here on this blog and on the Facebook page. 
Write to me at
🌌 earth_spirit{dot}medicine{at}yahoo{dot}com 🌌

Send your spirituality, herbs, plants related questions to me, either to the above email address, or through the Facebook page 

Here's some questions and ideas to get you going, based on what comes to me about my realm of life experience/study :
  • Do you have questions about ghosts? Like are they actually real? (Yes. They are.)
  • What's the difference between a ghost and an earthbound spirit? Did you know there was one?
  • Have you wondered if curses real or how does one get 'cursed' anyway? 
  • Did you ever wonder if a curse can run through generations, or even through lifetimes?
  • Have you been wondering if incarnation is a real thing or how do we go about that anyway?

  • What are negative entity attachments?
  • What is the Golden Web? and other general Soul Profile related subjects
  • Past, Present and Future Lives
  • the Time Continuum and how all 'Lives" are simultaneously occurring
  • How to Heal the Self through Time
  • Religion & Spirituality in General
  • Dark Nights of the Soul, Spiritual/Existential Crisis
  • Ascension, Awakening
  • Good/Bad? Dark/Light? What is Duality
  • Divine Purpose, Plan
  • the Law of Attraction in Practical, and Fantastic, Living Application
  • Why "Appreciation" and not "gratitude"
  • Why Heart-Full instead of "mindful"
  • The Wise Woman Tradition of Healing, how it is a Beautiful Complimentary Companion to Galactic Humanism and Living as a Soul, Incarnate on Earth really could just go on. You get the idea. So, fire away ;) I am happy and enthusiastic about answering any questions you may have on the above related areas.

NOTE: One of my special subjects, talent areas as an empath is reading energy in emails. 
Therefore, if I detect anything dark in the body of the email, be it through words or general intent on the part of the sender, I may delete it before I even open it. In all fairness, Just so you know. 

May all Exchanges here Be In Divine 
Love and Pure Intent, 
that there Be a Vessel for Divine Wisdom 
to Pour Through for the Benefit of All. 

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