19 September 2017

{Unhealed Pattern- Soul Imprint- Draconian Invasion - writing February 11-18, 2015}- part one, from "earth~spirit"

Unhealed Pattern
Soul Imprint, Affecting Lifetimes
Feeling Unsafe, Being Threatened and Abused in My Home
Likely origin of pattern- the Draconian Invasion of Hadar-Beta Centauri
February 11, 2015
I promised myself last night, as I am re-reading this book on the Akashic Records, that I would then record what I had brought out into clarity last night. Not that I haven’t already known of this information, but now it would seem that I am meant to do something constructively with it because I have a recurring pattern of being threatened by negative forces in my Home. I am meant to begin to write down from the first incident and lifetime that I can remember and continue throughout all of the lives that I can recall where this is a deep theme. It is important because it is time to release myself from this, else I will most likely never know any peace or self-dominion in the place that I call “home”, nor shall I ever realize my dream of the Ursus Sanctuary or Casa Luna. And perhaps even I may not have these dreams once this process has been completed. This I do not know. My Lifetimes and the Record are teaching and transforming me all the time.

February 18, 2015
Doing this kind of work can lead me into seeing how my emotions are twisted like a neglected skein of yarn. Sitting down to unravel this requires not only patience, but discipline and also an energetic space to chip away at something that has been an invisible yet powerful supporting energy of how the story of so many of my lifetimes has been written. I don’t know of any other humans in my sphere who have any inkling of other lifetimes. I would say all of them are completely mired in the 3rd dimension, even for all of any meditations with which any of them may profess to be engaged. This is a lonely place for me, meaning that I do not have anyone to talk with when I am attempting to work out these issues that have been surfacing throughout my current life, and especially with the upgraded consciousness that was gifted to me five years ago after the clearing of my Akashic Record. No one here even knows what the Akashic Record is, well except for Susun as she is the one who told me that it was there that I was during the voyage under the influence of Salvia. But she is Draconian, and I am not open to sharing anymore the deepest workings of my process of unfoldment with a draconian, no matter what work that have undertaken to do for humanity at large in this earthly sojourn, for I know how very personal relationships are maneuvered by them as a race. My heart chakra is no longer up for siphoning.

So, since I have awoken relatively early today, and I am feeling acutely this energy of unsafety in my home today, it would seem the time to begin. Today my Masters have asked me to be sure to not engage with the outer, via forms such as social media and the telephone. Very often I seek to engage myself with these media when I am feeling very hyper and unsettled inside, for I am avoiding being quiet and looking within. But I want to look within, and I want to be free of distraction. I promised myself that if I could find a job, and I was alleviated from the high stress of scrambling and worrying for the bill money, that I would devote some time to the writing.

I am unhappy here. I would say “of course”, but I know that that would be a sarcastic and cynical punctuation to the intensely uncomfortable situation that I am again finding myself in. Once again I am finding my Freedom under abusive threat by a negative soul, a “changeling” this time. This is my first known experience with navigating the energies with which they manipulate.  While I lament as such, I know however that I have purposefully placed myself in this situation- for one because I am told in my own clearing in 2010 that one of my Life Lesson(s) is “Confidence”, that is “confidence through responsibility”. I am taking this now to mean through the conscious responsibility of the creation of my physical life experience, obviously as contrasted with feeling victimized by the circumstances and helpless to change or transform what I experience in my world. And my second Life Lesson is “Freedom”, I was told that it is “freedom through confidence”. So one shall beget the other. I am looking at my current lifetime and I have indeed suffered many bullies and tyrants, most especially in personal relationships, not primarily so called romantic, but some very significant friendships as well. What I am looking at now is the bullying in my own home, which is pointed out to me repeatedly is not actually “my” home. And in choosing to be July born in this lifetime, with a Moon placed in the sign of Libra, as well as my soul root of being Hadarian, Home and a harmonious and beautiful home is top bill for me.

Here are the “past lifetimes”, that I have remembered, where the theme of my Home is threatened and destroyed by outside negative forces was/is a central theme, starting with what I am told and what I can remember about the invasion and destruction of Hadar:
  • We lived on Hadar as a Collective that espoused Unconditional Love. It was a way of life, not without individuation meaning that we had individuality, but the quality of all life expression was that of Unconditional Love- everyone was seen and heard and not judged. Hadar has been also described as a sort of “destination planet” for those in this Galaxy, perhaps beyond, who wanted to visit a place where Unconditional Creator source love is the way of life. I do not feel that there was any form of violence or manipulation or malice inherent in the society, there was no need for this as these are qualities that are manifestations of an individual’s disconnection from Source. As the story is often told, we saw that the experiment on Earth, that of an environment of contrast/duality, free will and high individuation of consciousness, was beginning to go awry and we as a collective wanted to assist in steering the energies back to the Intended trajectory. Because we knew that we could. Because we knew that Power and the Purity of Unconditional Love. Because through the direction of this Power, we meant no harm. So, it is true that as depicted in the modern movie Avatar, we as a collective consciousness bonded our individual energy signatures in sending a beam of love and light toward the Earth and the life forms that already existed on Her. This, as told in the legends, attracted the attention of the Draconians, who after losing the Galactic War, had seen an opportunity to be in energetic control, for the souls, in general who had embodied to Earth were less experienced, “younger” souls (meaning souls who were not yet awakening to their higher selves while in form). Now this all is so far an amalgam of all that I have read and heard so far from many different sources, the parts of the stories with which I have come into contact that ring true inside of me. And the “end” of this story is that because the Draconians would not tolerate any interference in their plans to be in control of the energies on this very new planet, they promptly engaged in a physical war on the inhabitants of Hadar. Yes, this means the picture of what has been played out in many SciFi movies of the 20th-21st century: spaceships, bombs, lasers, prisoners, rebels, escapees. It is written in My Akashic Record, as I was told in my 2010 reading, that I am one of the “handful” of Hadarians who fought the Draconians, and I escaped the mass post war enslavement that was occurring to the Hadarian people. Escapees are said the have traveled via the Alpha Centauri star system. We were received on Alpha Centauri, apparently because we were valued for our own technological achievements, perhaps because of the fact that we Hadarians were the designated Keepers of the Stargate and Time Travel wormholes throughout this Galaxy. As I stated in my piece about Alpha Centauri, I stayed with them for the equivalent of 3 Earth lifetimes, as the deep devastation I felt about what had happened to my Home, to the people that I loved, my friends, my family, and to our way of life needed so much time to heal. It has never truly healed. This is the scar, the imprint that I have carried in a part of my deepest self for many thousands of years.
(PART TWO, on Saturday Septmber 23rd)

17 September 2017

2012 Leveled Up (?) !

I simply wanted to make a note that I have noticed that,  since 2012,  clients are presenting with a higher octave, when I read of their "soul vibration number". Ten years ago in 2007, when the Soul Realignment course materials that I have were created (I got certified in 2010), a soul would most likely be seeking this work once they reached 5.0 (5th Dimension) on the scale. All of the client work that I've managed to do, at least since 2014, they are now presenting with 6.0.

       Of special note, I recently worked with someone, doing a healing-services-exchange.  It was  curious that she, being Polarian, presented with a 5.0! Previously, Polarians, being very earthy, "practical" souls, would present somewhere in the 4.0-4.7 range. This particular Polarian, however is also very spiritual-seeker oriented, so, which she says really got ignited for her at the Harmonic convergence of 1987.
It may not look like it from the outside, with all of the wild and transformative energies that are sweeping about our current, chosen planetary home- but it looks to me like the pivotal energetic opportunities that were presented to us in 2012 are really working!  I think we've Leveled Up!

15 September 2017

Bless, Digest and Love that Body

      I took a trip to the ER early in the summer. This was just before the HMO kicked in, so I couldn't go to my GP. I counted it as part of my commitment to experiencing new things, since I was uncomfortable going there. I'd never had a sonogram, since I had a minimally technologically invasive pregnancy with. They gave me one there. It was fascinating.
       The attendant nurse, at first had been greatly annoyed, and scolded me (!), for being in the ER because my GP didn't take straight Medicaid, and the relative minority of my issue. The pain in my solar plexus was a 7+, and recurring and I had been opting to deal with on my own since we lost our medical insurance ten months ago. I felt like it was time to have myself looked at and into during one of these episodes. And I am scolded for it!
       When he came back in to attend to more of my test charting I said, "Hey. Let's just talk like human beings."
       He was still rushing about, and breezing over me.  
       "I'm so sorry I had to come here," I whispered. 
       {retrospect perspective} I sometimes have that whole I should be healing and doing my own health care always, no exceptions thing that healer type folks sometimes have. The other trigger in here was someone being angry with me for taking care of my body self. 
       Fuck. Why was this stranger so pissed at me? I started to feel emotional, like choked up.
       I go again, feeling compelled to explain and/or justify myself, "I've been dealing with this on and off for months, now and I don't want to ignore it in case it's something important."
       I was really upset. I swear, a tear flushed down my cheek. I felt terrible.
       He turns in a bit of a flourish to face me.
       "Oh, no," he said with that 'awwww' tone. "Don't feel bad. I'm sorry!" 
       "I mean, I know where you're coming from. I know it's busy here," I offered.
       "And we're dealing with short staff," he added. 
       He placed his hand on my right shoulder, "Don't worry. We'll take good care of you."
       "I so appreciate the help with this," I said. "Thank you."
       He nodded and he was off. 
       But here's what I was getting to by telling the story of how the nurse and I softened to one another, because it set the stage for this Inspiration that I had, as I lie there receiving wonderfully refreshing intravenous hydration. And the moment that I shared it with him.
       So, I had been thinking of what an old acquaintance had said to the group in what I can only remember as a blurry din of conversations punched with laughter, smoke and a lot of laying around. "Did you know, when the sperm fertilizes the egg, the first thing that forms is one long tube?" That one line, the only bit of that night that jumped out at me and has stayed with me since. She was talking about the digestive tract, which goes in one long stretch from the mouth to the perineum. Giving a  quick read over some medical textbook type information does not prove the trueness of this declaration.  

However, it did get me thinking that every organ
and body system's function
is dependent on
the loving attention to the sacredness of alimentation.  
The Sacredness of Alimentation.
Doesn't that sound wonderful?
       It's so amplified for me lately, how much people fight with their bodies, like it's some kind of enemy that must be conquered. I have also been that way, so I know. But something begins to happen when you make a commitment to love yourself, no matter what.
       Less than a year ago, everything changed about the way that I eat, what foods I want and when. All of a sudden I manifested a natural aversion to almost all of my favorite foods.  It was not that I didn't want them, mentally, but when I put them on my tongue, my body screamed "Nooooooo!" That means most dairy items (cheese, butter and milk), bacon, bread, pasta, beer, beans, pizza (!!waahh, say it isn't so!!), and other things left my palate. Other foods came in. I can't even stand the smell of pizza, anymore. So sad. Or is it?
       Last summer I got a scholarship from the Omega Institute to do the week long 'Trance Mediumship' intensive with Tony Stockwell. I love channeling! I also enjoy incorporating as well. I want to do more of it. Much more. It feels awesome, there is a euphoria joy and a feeling of being completely safe in the Oneness. "It's weird", like people say. In that pinnacle year of 2014, I devoured a book by Sanaya Roman, called Opening to Channel, which many people learned about from the movie, Spirit Channelers in America. (scroll down the right side bar of this blog for a thumbnail player of this movie)  I read of her guide asking her to condition her body to be a better container for the higher vibrational energies that his fuller presence would bring. After the mediumship week, and the wonderful, ability affirming partner exercises that I experienced there, I was feeling some of that.
          "I want my body to be a stronger,
           more appropriate container for higher Light"
           was my general intention/declaration. 
       With some modifications to my I AM statements, things began to change... I did not notice at first. Like the foods I ate, and then my body herself. It was a pretty swift transformation, relatively. I think my digestive system was a bit shocked by this. I had to pull back from autopilot and pay attention. Many of my favorite foods, so I found out when I put them in my mouth, would feel so revulsive that I would need to wash my tongue off after I spit it out! Macaroni, potatoes, others. Those foods I don't eat anymore. Or, sometimes frequent consumption of certain foods that I used to eat, that still feel fine to eat, make me feel as if I had an extra layer of density all around my body. Then, I get uncomfortable in my flesh and have to stop, do a cleanse, some TaeBo. That density is uncomfortable. I am transforming and having to completely relearn myself, because the Self has changed. I am listening deeply and partnering with my body in preparing her for my Soul's seat herself here.
       The human body is comprised of millions of tiny living individualized intelligences. It makes sense to be kind to them. Your body is your partner in your soul's journey on Earth. Without it you would not be here, reading this or having this experience. We tune into and listen to those that we have chosen to partner with, don't we? At least in a healthy relationship. So, I've heard. 😏
  I'm getting to it. Life spirals around in little concentric circles. Every topic is a roundabout.
So, I'm laying in this bed in the ER, thinking and feeling about all of this, since of my difficulties have been in the general digestive system category. And I'm feeling into how every single microscopic living organism of the human body is completely dependent upon the proper intake and assimilation of nutrients. The heart, and all of the cells that comprise the heart. That's when the nurse came back in.
       Now, after all of that tension, and then being able to reach the true being inside the other, the connection in that moment as I shared this revelation to him was the stuff I 'keep on keeping' for.
       I repeated my old acquaintance's question, prefaced with, "Is it true that..."
       "Oh my god, you're taking me way back. I don't know."
       I repeated my hospital-bed-sitting-with-my-condition-Insight. He just kind of stopped. Every thing depends on the digestive system. Everything. He never really thought about it, he said.
       There was a moment that seemed kind of long, just of paused activity and silence.
       He paused before he left my cubicle this last time, seeming to be caught in some thought.
       As was I.

September 20th, I am going in for my Endoscopy, provided I've found an escort to the appointment by then. Let's find out what's going on in this Mind-Body.

13 September 2017

all Petty Tyrants are the Same Entity

We create them. All of the petty tyrants in our lives. For all sorts of reasons, under many varieties of circumstance. When we plant our feet firmly in-our-power stance, and then upwardly expand our vision, we find out that they are all actually the same entity. The nasty neighbor, the challenging employer or co-worker, the critical parent or friend.
       But why? I know that the preferred question is 'How?' How do we create the petty tyrants, the bullies of our lives? Well, we know that our reality is created partly through our belief systems, personal and collective. We know that a belief is a thought that we just kept thinking. We know that there is certain astrological influences on a material and even spiritual level, not only the aspects at birth, but in every day season and year, personally and collectively, and even geographically. Then there's the soul's profile and the soul's plan in the scheme of things. And how all this mixes together! How we are creating ourselves through this duality reality!
       I know why, or how I have created the relentlessly pursuing petty tyrants in my world, and in the two of the most important areas of a human being's life- home and "work" (what a human does as a source of financial support/income).  It has to do with one of my chosen life qualities (also called life lesson) I wanted to learn and embody. It's a little complicated to go into it now. There is something possibly big brewing, again. I am still sorting it out for myself. But I am directed to have deer-like hearing with my ears pricked toward my center and higher self.
      {I have to say that I understand what one can go through in the process of learning to trust one's own instincts, instead of all the noise of the outer world. There are so much put upon us about how we must be. Oh! Does it take a lot of Trust, trust in the self. How much strength one must have to go against any grain, of society, of a family dynamic, because you have different requirements for growth. Maybe you're an Elm planted amongst the shrubs? No matter how many times the occasional gardener prunes you back, eventually your base becomes so strong, you're too massive to be handled by any pruning shears. They realize what you are, and they let you alone. Hopefully. 
       How beautiful to take that back, that beautiful sense of pure self, to operate from the gut, after being trained out of that natural born instinct when still so young. If you don't already do so, you can teach yourself to be still and listen to your inner voice. Then, find the courage to follow that guidance. I'll let you know how I do with that!}

11 September 2017

soul shift clearing, thinking of you

And so, this is some of what I was thinking, of some of my clients, of how it must feel to be someone who was soul-shifting. I was especially feeling for those who were engaged with this for their entire current life- until I did their soul-realignment TM. And how the adjustment must feel, if they have included their friends and family in their process, are they re-patterning themselves through any negative self-criticism (which would be based on the soul-shifting paradigm and reality and not on the current clean slate, now reality based on the soul's actual intended record/body alignment)? 

       You were soul shifting. Now you're not. You thought you were crazy, or others did. Now you know you were not. There may be some who just think you're more crazy, now that you're talking about this kind of stuff. You've spent your entire life having experiences and forming ideas about yourself. Now you learn that the self that you thought was all yourself, well, was not. That just blew the lid off a lot of things!
       How does one reconcile with oneself? When you say things like "Well I always [insert behavior pattern] when [insert recurring situation] happens." Wait.
       But do you anymore? And who was actually the one, in a soul-shifting situation, who was doing the actual acting in said situation? Who was driving the car that day? The whole thing has to be reevaluated!  
       An entire life now needs to be pulled apart, like a kinky skein of yarn., trying to get down on in there, so a smoother, more uniform ball can be rolled. I don't know what's up with the yarn metaphor that I can't seem to delete, because I just type it out again the next time I revise! We're weaving the tapestry of our lives- all of our existences woven into a tapestry of our own luminous existence, but then as is interwoven with each being with whom we have agreed to share experiences. Some fibers are cut, others are rewoven in, in a multidimensional, multicolored and layered, luminescent tapestry of  *Life* that is living, contracting, expanding, dying, birthing, breathing, pulsating all of  Existence into and out of existence. And all completely beyond our full comprehension. Probably for the better, except for those little 'glimpses' we get of it. We wouldn't wish to im/explode, would we?
       Yes, and this lifetime, in this little section of thread, of this particular 3rd/4th/5th dimensional earth time continuum, is up for examination and renewal, maybe a little smoothing and combing.  Yeah, more wool/yarn talk! How about another style?
       The road has been refreshed with a cleansing rain. Make fresh footprints! OK. Done! So, hip-hip and all that. Thank God! Let the good times roll! It's about time. Seriously. Sincerely. Let Freedom Reign for Your Soul Infused Life.  
       It is true that you may have to deal with people who may not have the expanded perspectives to understand the Soul Situations that you had created in your life, and how you have learned from them, but are now free of them as ongoing influences. But you're sure to do well.
       You may well be their teacher.

09 September 2017

"Trip Diary, via Facebook"- total solar eclipse trip 2017 posting, part 4

August 16, 2017 10:03pm
Finally checked in to the Hampton Inn, in Deer Park, IL after 8 hours drive from Erie, PA! I had to stop once for 40 min because my left hip was so pinched from sitting. I am so thankful that I booked 2 nights here. I have to remember that all of my clocks are 1 hour behind my time. We're in another time zone! Wow! I had forgotten all about that. Got a beer at the BP. Stuck my hand in the pool- it's HEATED! I got 2 hours 'till it closes for the night. I got a good mind to go get in....
the view from our room at the Hampton Inn in Deer park, IL, with our rental car in the lot
August 17, 2017 10:52am
Deer Park, IL... Woke up 3x with a night sweat (!) through the night. Thank goodness I brought extra pajamas! I'm like a wet noodle today... But there is a huge clan of Canada Geese in the field by the parking lot, so all is well. They give a good breakfast spread here. I have to force feed myself in the morning, so I'm not in trouble later in the day. Today is about reconnecting with a friend who lives 12 minutes away, and just getting acclimated... I have some pics and vids to post. I'm not quite awake yet...   You All.

August 17, 2017 11:55am
So excited to just have talked with an awesome sounding woman named Christine who has volunteered to be our very own personal Chicago tour guide tomorrow! Thanks to the Chicago Greeters. What a great talk we had, laughed a lot. Chimayo and I picked Chinatown for our tour. BUT, she says she has really flexible time, and being one who loves her city, will take us to other funky off the beaten path neighborhoods! I said we're unschoolers and live outside the box- she's digging it! OK, I'm awake, now. CHICAGO! Are you ready for me?! LOL!

August 17, 2017 7:03pm
You'll never guess what my son said has finally gotten him "into this tourist thing"... The home crafted BLEU CHEESE that we bought at the Barrington Farmer's Market! Well, f*ck! Whatever it takes. Now he's in a good mood. I ought to go back and buy all the rest! We got a week to go! LOL!
kohlrabi sprouts, beautiful peaches and layered brie from the Barrington, IL farmer's market- dinner today, with the olive tortilla chips we bought at the Tops grocery store in Western NY

August 18, 2017 12:38am
THANK YOU's, so far: Rita, for finding cover for my 2 days this week. Amy Raffe for letting me hitch with her to Beacon to get my car rental (and driving me all the way to the car rental place). Tove, for being such a sweet soul and going to my apartment to look out for my plants. Saugerties Animal Hospital for dealing with all of my neurosis about boarding my cats (I must have more separation anxiety than the cats do!). And to Dear, Dear Radka for opening her home to me and my son to stay at her place- while she goes off on her own eclipse adventure with a friend(!) this weekend. I have so much love in my heart for all of you... MORE to come
August 19, 2017 1:53am
FREE Chicago Greeter tour today. Our Guide, Christine walked us all around the Millenium Park area. I am glad that I followed my intuition and did not buy the Chicago Water taxi tickets beforehand, because she had 2 tickets for us (!), courtesy of the City. So, I got my boat ride to Chinatown anyway, *gratis*. Son and I were both exhausted after 2 hours. It's not the walking. It's the intensity of the sun and the pavement and the lack of shade that neither of us do well with.... BUT, we learned SO much about history and architecture. The Chicago Cultural Center is a beautiful historic building with the world's largest Tiffany dome.
She dropped us off via water taxi in Chinatown. THAT was both of our most desired destination. We both LOVE Chinatown. 'Had a nice late lunch at a Vietnamese/Thai place called "The Noodle". I had my first, and maybe only, official "Chicago Dog" (Chicago style hot dog) at the Cloud Gate (aka "the bean") earlier, so after our late lunch I was way too full to even consider the bobble tea. But I bought some wonderful teas in a shop in the new Chinatown, where I was the only non-Chinese person shopping.... We are going to stay here in the suburbs tomorrow after we check out of the Hampton Inn (I extended our stay one more night) and forego another trip into the city. We need to get some deep rest because the whole focus of this adventure is upon us- getting up before the birds sing to take the 6 hour drove down south to partake in the Total Solar Eclipse. Laundry tomorrow in the guest laundry in the hotel while we have our free breakfast. Then we pack out and head to my friend's house.... The adventure continues. These posts will help me put our scrap album together, later.  To You All.
too hot in the city for me, but great to see and experience new things- and always good to be near the water
August 19, 2017 5:53pm

We are SO Blessed to be in the beautiful home of my friend, Radka for today and tomorrow. I just had an excellent grocery shop at Jewel Osco grocery store. This grocery store had SO many foods that I have NEVER, ever seen before in my LIFE! I wish I could have this store near to me! We have 2 days to tank us on some real, good, nourishing foods before we get back on the road early early Monday morning. My Guides have instructed me to "Stay Focused", "stay clear on [my] priorities", "listen deeply" and to "Meditate". Well, this is a wonderful space to accomplish all of that. My son even fell asleep on the couch just before I went to shop. THANK YOU, Sister. Thank You. Thank You. (oops, I'm tearing up...)
at my friend's apartment- my son makes friends with the couch!- I set up my office right away-
our flowers from the farmer's market, our new traveling companions for the rest of the trip

August 19, 2017 6:43pm

So, the brakes on this rental car started squeaking the other day! I just called the 800 # for Enterprise. Tomorrow morning, fresh and shiny, I am going to the Enterprise office in Palatine, IL (thank God/dess they're open on Sunday) and get a new car. At the speeds that we need to do on the highways, no effing way me and my kid are going out in a squeaky brake rental car. I'm going to remove the rest of our stuff and get ready...

August 20, 2017 12:43pm (update cover photo)
My friend has this beautiful table. I set up my office immediately upon arrival. Thank you, Dear, Dear R. I love being here in the Holy Silence of your home. I You.
August 20, 2017 12:50pm

This morning I woke up early as usual- today with a heart-pounding exhaustion. Thank goodness my cell phone had the accurate time on it. I went down the road and switched out the car. Now, we're "from Indiana". I think I like that better than the Florida plates. The brakes are good. I want to see some more around here, but I am just so exhausted. This is such a beautifully quiet neighborhood. I never expected that. It seems to be a good thing to -to see if I can just lie down... and maybe even sleep some more. The sleep has not been good on this trip, but that is par for the course of travelling, I think. WE ARE DOWN TO THE NITTY-GRITTY, now. We must leave here by 4am to get down south to get in position for the eclipse. I have 6 waters frozen for our cooler bags, and our foods. 'May shop later for food incidentals. Too early to tell. Pack up the car tonight.... Whew. Exhausted. More later.
August 20, 2017 3:19pm (post on Facebook wall of this page, earth~ Spirit Medicine)
Dear friends, I am on a very intense road trip with my son to be at the center line of the Total Solar Eclipse. I have so much to share with you all. I will need ample recovery time once we return to our apartment in the woods to process and write. For now I would say to you all, if at all possible, to quiet and center yourself and clear your mind and heart. Envision the life and world that you want to be in. What do you want to do with the precious gift of this life. My Gramie, Carrie, always said, "Where there's Life, there's Hope." But it is your Faith that makes it so. 💖 Rev. Ursula Carrie

August 21, 2017 5:53pm

What an adventure we had in the traffic jam on 57, getting off and where we found our eclipse spot. I took video. It was pretty exciting! I think I've caught the fever! I may just become an official "Eclipse Chaser"... I WANT MORE! 3 hours of sleep last night (9pm-midnight, then not so good until 2:30am)
We're at a nasty hotel in Paducah, KY. Too bad it had decent enough reviews when I booked!
We agreed, we're sleeping in our clothes- on top of the covers. I got a HUGE bag o
f diotomaceous earth at home- g-d forbid we get the creepy crawlies! Grrrr... I already wrote my scathing review on Trip Advisor. I'm going to pray it out, try to get some sleep and get the F out of here at the crack of dawn.
On the flip side, my son and I are having a good time, been seeing and experiencing SO many new things. I have made some decisions about how I want to go forward in my life.... That is a whole 'nother narrative

August 22, 2017 10:36am

We're leaving this black mold infested hotel room in Paducah, KY. I have a lot of consumer advocate work ahead of me in regards to this. We're starting the 6+ hour drive to the nextt place to rest in Cahrleston, WV. Homeward Bound... I have more photos, still from Chinatown on Friday and a movie to put together of our Eclipse Chasing morning adventure.

August 22, 2017 8:55pm (update profile pic)
EIGHT HOURS haul today, all the way through Kentucky into Charleston, WV! At the Country Inn and Suites. 8-22-2017

August 23, 2017 8:37pm

Right now 8:15pm, Wednesday, August 23, 2017. At the Quality Inn in State College, PA. One more sleep stop, then super early in the morning, we take the 5+ hour drive to Saugerties, NY, pick up our awesome cats at the vet where they were boarding (we miss them so much), then to our apartment in Bearsville... Then, there are many things we both need to do... There are Changes to be made...
P.S.- These FLOWERS have been travelling with us, in this orange juice bottle since LAST Thursday! LOL! We buckle them up in the back seat, give them fresh cuts and fresh water, and bring them in to every place where we lay our heads... Aren't the Lisianthus just opening up so beautifully? And the Dahlias are holding up, too! I tell You, "Have flowers, Will Travel"! snarf!)

August 23, 2017 8:22pm
MY NEW KICKS! Fuck YEAH! I had been looking for these canvas shoes online for months now, and they were so expensive- $80-100+( and those were the "knock-offs), and I couldn't find them in black! THANK YOU, "Shoe Show" in Charleston, WV. We only went to that plaza before we checked out of the Country Inn because I wanted to take my son the "WV Beef Jerky Outlet" (freakin' awesome store, too! I got the ONLY picture of my son SMILING on this trip there! LOL! LOL! And the manager of the jerky place, Cynthia was COOL beans!). I got these babies for 30 bucks! WTF! Somebody really wants me to have a good time! LOVE these shoes, they feel awesome!
[ friend said: Woooo hoooo nothing better than new shoes]
[I reply: The shoes that I had been wearing for the whole trip had been hurting my feet so much!  These were Heaven Sent! That's why I was so happy! Comfort, finally. ]
August 23, 2017 9:04pm
When we get back- I have sooooo many reviews to write on Trip Advisor! And a yard sale to prepare w/ my son, and 4 doctor check ups to go to in the next 2 weeks (I'm finally preparing to have that endoscopy!), and car to return, and homeschool paperwork to prepare and send, school curriculum to organize, and bills to square off, and... and... and... etc. etc. AND, the rest of these photos, video- and the MOVIE that I am going to put together of the Eclipse Chase Monday morning 8/21!
(stay tuned )
BUT, I am so focused on staying Present and Being with this last night of travel, sharing this moment in this nice hotel with my son (while washing my clothes for work Friday in the guest laundry room here)... And there is the unfolding and processing of ALL that we have experienced in these past almost 9 days- THAT, for sure will take a while. This has been a life-changing experience, and no one can tell how this will shape our future... I feel SO much Love, as Always for each and every one that we have met on this Journey... wow. wow.

Read my Trip Advisor reviews from this trip.
I'm { sacredearth2017 }

07 September 2017

stealing identities, a multidimensional issue (?)!

things that make me go "hmmmm..."
(and yes, hum that tune here... here's a little humor for your day,
which would be funnier if it weren't true)   
I had been thinking about the "shell device" that sometimes shows up in the preliminary identification and evaluation of a Soul when I first locate them in the Akashic Record. To my knowledge, a Shell Device is the personality body of a human being, which is shed/left behind in the lower dimensions nearer to the physical plane, when this soul-who-was-in-physical-form makes the transition fully into the non-physical. There are souls/entities who are able to capture this personality body, and wear it themselves, over their own. They will do this either for protection or deception.  So they are basically stealing a personality, before it dissipates unto creator source.
       Then it dawned on me how much this is just like "identity theft", here in the physical plane. Come to think of it, identity thieves even pirate the obituaries for names and dates information. Jeez!
       Whodda' thunk it?  
       Dead or alive, or journeying inbetween, somebody could be wanting or trying or succeeding in taking your identity!?

06 September 2017

full moon speaking from my heart, vlog

it feels right now like that period of stillness and integration
from what I am reading and listening to out there on you tube and other sources
my own intuitive, and that of others, the solar eclipse energies are really washing deep cleansing
and restarts in people's lives
I have a feeling of all forward movement being on hold, but not that hold feeling that
feels like constriction, more like being held in a lovingly suspended animation
One must Sit with this. I'm ok with that.

check out wonderful video from Pam Montgomery, astrologer
 Full Moon in Pisces https://youtu.be/vMOkMM_nZMo

and also this week's Pele report with Kaypacha

05 September 2017

"get ready, get set..."- total solar eclipse trip 2017 posting, part 3

So, after all that with my car acting up,
what happened?
I rented a car! For the very first time in my life. Yes, that's right. Here's me on Facebook live, Monday August 14, 2017, getting the car packed up and ready to roll the next morning.
       Do you remember, earlier this year when I said that I was cleaning up my finances? Well, that included filing four years worth of back self-employment taxes. I used one of the refund checks to rent a car. This was due to the fact that I opened up a free checking account with the bank where we've had a savings for the past twelve years. That was also part of the intuitive guidance I had gotten in the beginning of this year, since I had needed a debit card to be able to order the test that my son needed to take this year to fulfill the homeschooling requirements. The old service, with whom I would always order by mail with a money order , doesn't test at his grade level.
       So, I searched all over my home area and found that by going an hour south of here, I could get two weeks out of a rental, with full car coverage, for the same price that I would get for one week of rental near to me.
       I also set  into about a month's worth of late night research, obsessively planning drive routes and reading all of the reviews on Trip Advisor (to which I also started contributing this year), and booking our overnight accommodations until the day of the eclipse. It was like another part-time job, the trip planning and booking. But, with this "job", I enjoyed it.
I couldn't book any further past the date of the actual eclipse, once I got that much all set. I just didn't have the feeling to. I was mentally exhausted. There was an energetic block. I was advised by my Guides to book the rest of the accommodations and to figure out the return trip route when we got closer to Eclipse Day.
       There was also the part of dealing with our old cats. After a disappointing, and just bad experience with a house/cat sitter in June when we went to Vermont and Ausable Chasm, I wasn't sure if the additional stress of finding someone who was a straight shooter to do what we agreed for my home and cats... Well that was something that I wasn't able to add to my to-do list. After all, I was about to drive a car, alone with my teenage son, further from home and for more hours and miles per day than I ever had in my life! I couldn't be worried about our beloved kitties all with that. So, the day that I called Enterprise to book the car rental, I also called our Vet and booked the cats in for nine days there. We would take them as we departed for Erie, PA and pick them up on the way home from wherever we managed to get to by then. I felt bad, though that I couldn't allow them to be in the comfort of their familiar surroundings. At least, I consoled myself, they would be expertly cared for and they would be safe.
       There were a lot of moving parts on this plan. Another one being getting the two shifts covered that I would miss at the job. I work at a very small place with only a few employees. Once those got covered, the planning went into high gear, especially after I listened to the guidance that I was being given and just gave in and rented the car. Things started falling into place.

just a photo from the internet, but I actually did rent from Enterprise and they were very good
       The area in which I live has very spotty public transportation. I mean, we have some bus and train available, but you can't get absolutely everywhere that you need to get to without a car. I chose a car rental location, however, where there was train service connected by two busses. I planned to drop my car off at the mechanic in my town for repair while I was away, then take the morning bus from my town to another town, where I would connect with another bus, which would take me to a commuter train service., which I would ride one or two stops to Beacon, NY. Then I would either walk the 2.5 miles to the car rental place, or as I found out, they would come and pick me up from the train. Not too bad.       Of course, as soon as I made that commitment, I was inspired to contact an acquaintance who is the public library branch director in the city where I needed to go to pick the car up. I wondered if she was going to work on Monday, my car pick up day, and if I could maybe ride along. Yes, she was, and yes, I could! We were leaving on Tuesday morning, to make good time to be in position for the total solar eclipse in southern Illinois, while having some time out of the car to enjoy some things. I decided to rent the car for an even two weeks, returning the rental on the day after my son's  birthday.

me, trying out the glasses, 2 months before I knew the trip would actually happen
       Amy met me at 9am on Monday morning at the mechanic in town. She had been the director of our local library for some years, and I always fancied getting to know her better. Cool people, she is.  Being able to ride along to work with her was a great excuse to spend an hour together and talk. Another great part of how this dream was coming together so far. She even escorted me in her little two-seater to the Enterprise rental, where I was given a free upgrade to a lovely Nissan with a push button starter. Wow! An encouraging start. The drive back to the apartment was fun. My 1992 Mercury Grand Marquis can just wait for me at Mike and Anthony's until I get home...(part 4, on the way)

03 September 2017

She wants to go out into the cold and rain.

She has been meowling at every window since six-thirty this morning.
       We let her out, once. Her gaze and her energy looks straight toward the road. She ambles about, crying like she's wounded, confused. We pick her up and bring her back in.
       Thirty six hours ago, I asked the master physicians who are of the light and are in the higher  dimensions (5th, 6th) to assist me in shrinking this tumor. I was led to the health food store and bought a spray of colloidal silver. The tumor in her mouth had shrunk by half since then.
       This morning I heard her say to me telepathically, the first time I have clearly done so since this situation began, "Stop curing me."
       My son and I have both been told, intuitively, that we will never see her again. This is how she wants to go, like cats do. She is ready to leave this body, suddenly has completely cut off from engaging in any contact with either of us. She has only one thing on her mind, to get outside. Her eyes are wild for it, her meow mournful. 
       We are going to wait a while. We know that she will not stop until she goes. Her instincts and insistence will win out. I will open the door, and I will let her go. But not now, like this, into the cold and the rain.
me and my Dreamy girl, January 14, 2016

PS- I wrote about this in my note at the bottom of this post. If I hadn't been so distraught yesterday with strong emotions about the death process we are going through with my beloved feline companion of the past 18 years, I would've realized that this is actually all she wanted. (see video) Somehow, drinking the puddle water, walking in it, and eating the fresh grass just put her right with the world, for the time being. And it is all we can ask or hope for. Every precious moment counts.

01 September 2017

Menopausally Speaking. Thank You.

It Happens When It happens.
I am a living, breathing changing human woman being, not a line on a chart or a piece of a pie graph. I am the only one of me. My body rhythms and manifestations are unique to my own energetic signature and soul's record. Though like-members of my species may exhibit the similar, or same, physical characteristics and responses to food and stimuli, no two are the same. Therefore, like puberty can not early or late, neither can menopause. It happens when it happens. And it is a process, not an event.
       And that is the long and the short, the pain and the joy of it. It's sad. It's a relief. Then it's sad again. because there is, a loss of the feeling of that always potential- the potential to create another life. Something of this feeling must be built-in, at least to some I guess I'd have to say.
But let me tell you, an aside, or maybe my kind of straightforward since everything of how I relate to this physical experience of having a Life, is through this perception of having done so much of this, but not really, in different forms. And, this is the first lifetime in which I have been incarnated as a female, that I have been able to fulfill the desire or want or need to bear children. I bore and delivered one, at least, and the entire experience was as perfect as it could have been from my pregnancy to a two-push, nearly painless homebirth, to successful nutrition-ing and educating and spiritual earth parenting of. It was one of my callings in this Lifetime, to be a Mom. I knew since I was a little girl.
       So, with that aspect for me of what it means to be a menstruating woman, well knowing that possibly sometime in the sooner future than I've yet imagined, my monthly menses will cease and with that so shall a lot of my familiar woman body. Like the ability to have children, not like I was planning to have anymore! The one I got is sixteen already! But it is about moving through this stage of life, of grieving the loss, or impending loss, of this sacred biological function. I have loved my blood, have reveled in it. I have been bleeding into rags for over twenty years, soaking them in water and feeding my houseplants with this nutrient-rich, beautiful blood water. I am blessed to have started intense training, at twenty-four years old, in the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing with my then teacher, Susun S. Weed.
       Then the question that I ask myself is, "What now?" How do I want to move through whatever remaining days, weeks, months, years that I may be Blessed with on this earth, in this body. How am I integrating and bringing forth, in order to serve, all of these decades of study, learning and growth, not to mention the lessons of previous and parallel lives that have been steadily integrating into my life right now over these same decades? How am I being present about how this body has been changing, and am I being accepting and proactive about taking tender loving care of this body, the mind, the spiritual well being? Not only has the ongoing passage into older womanhood brought these queries into the front of my considerations, but the Total Solar Eclipse that I just traveled to experience, together with my son, is still spiraling through my energy fields.  
       I may need to say more about this.