27 February 2008

Lunar Wisdom

I remember traveling, as a small child, in the back seat of my Mother's LTD Ford. My face pressed against the glass, I watched the Moon as She followed us. No matter which way we turned, I searched through every window of the back seat to connect my eyes with Her. She was always there, guiding us on the late night's journey Home. How safe I felt knowing She was there, Her Light so soothing, healing. Even as the twists and curves of the highway and backroads brought us ever deeper into the mountainous terrain of our home, and I lost sight of her, still I knew She was there, watching and holding me, my wise old grandmother. It would be then that I would curl up in the white vinyl corner, with my sweater under my head, and drift off into heavy sleep.

Such a common childhood experience, I think, though perhaps not often articulated. How we are still so connected with our Inner Knowing when we are small. And how, when our souls yearn to reawaken to the "hidden" mysteries of our Being on this physical journey, we seek reunite with our wisest selves- the children we "once" were.

The Moon, among other things, represents the Intuitive side of our natures. Perhaps when we gaze at the Moon this gift of inner knowing, also referred to as Intuition or "gut instinct", a gift that we are all born with into this physical existence, is activated. And perhaps our Souls, our Highest Selves are being reminded of the promise that we made to ourselves, long ago, before we knew of this Earthly life, before our eternal souls were once again made flesh- that when answers to our deepest questions were being sought, we would turn our eyes and our hearts to her, and She, in Her Silvery Luminescence, through the still beauty of Night, would tell us again, that all that we seek already lives inside of us. And that we can still access this, even when She (our intuitive sense) seems to have disappeared into the mountains (obstacles), as the road takes unexpected twists and turns.

And then, we breathe deeply, knowing that we are loved and we are Love.

I heard this story at the Conference on Green Hermeticism, last year at the Suluk Academy in New Lebanon, NY. I was told that it it has been circulating for quite some time. I was told that what the child said was overheard by the parents via the baby monitor in the room:

A one and a half year old child
creeps quietly into the room where
a newborn sibling lay resting in its crib
The toddler whispers to the baby,
"Remind me what it was like...
I'm starting to forget..."

God/dess Bless you all in your journeys to Remember.
Hope you enjoy my amateur photo of the Eclipse.

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