18 October 2015

October 13, 2015 Earth~ spirit medicine Facebook post

All day long, yesterday and today I Am- cleaning, packing, purging, furniture rearranging, taking stuff to the attic and old broken things to the car and going to the recycle, bringing new better organizing shelving in, having a lot of delicious Sleeping, following the feeling in each moment, eating favorite foods (toasted poppy bagels with homemade scallion cream cheese and fresh smoked trout), remembering how to Love Myself, letting go of guilt and shame, deciding how I will do some things differently if I do them again, remembering other Things, feeding birds and squirrels, feeling how comfortable the animals and I are with each other, Deciding, working with the feeling that All Is Truly Well, Allowing the Moment to tell me What Is..... and remembering to relax my jaw and Breathe...
(heart emoticon) Love You,
Ursula Carrie

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