31 July 2018

*More* Fun with the Universe!

       I'd been wearing my son's old Crocs flip flops as my "house shoes" for some years now, since he outgrew them. But, you know the situation when you've been wearing a pair of shoes for a while, and they're still kind of good, but they're starting to hurt your feet and back when you put them on- but you just can't get rid of them? Like that. I was even getting sick of the way that they sounded when I walked in them!
        Last week, the Crocs broke! Then, of course, I'm digging in my closet for something to replace them. Nothing. And of course, I'm bitching, "Well, now I don't have any house shoes!" Then, my usual, "Eh, fuck it!" I got out some socks. [see, we have wall to wall carpeting in this apartment and when it needs a good vacuum, the feeling of the dirt on carpet feeling  under my bare feet drives me nuts! So I have house shoes!] That was the other day.
       Today, on my way home from the necessary errands, I asked with the pendulum if I might stop at Family on the way. It is very often a "comfort stop" of mine en route home from marathon-errands, and I will have a strong sense about it. I had no inner pull, but the motion of the pendulum was emphatic. So, I went. Look what was waiting there for me in our beloved Free Store 💗
these are not my son's old Crocs! 
And not a mark of wear on them. 
I feel so Blessed and so appreciative. 
This was a fun little manifestation. 
'Reminding me of the Process and how it works. 

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