14 January 2008

Church of the Sacred Earth-Meetings

1) Eight Meetings per year to celebrate/mark the turning of the seasons multi-cultural, simple ceremonies to foster a spiritual relationship/understanding of Earth,
her cycles and all life therein
Cross Quarter days
(general ceremonies to honor and celebrate the Earth's changes) on, or about-

March 21 - mid spring
June 21 - mid summer
September 21- mid autumn
December 21 - mid winter

Other meeting days
(for deepening awareness and further Earth-Spirit connection) on, or about-
February 1 - spring (seeds)
May 1 - summer (flowers)
August 1 - autumn (fruits)
October 31/ November 1 - winter (decay)

2) Monthly, New Moon, Community Potluck Meetings
We meet as a community on the lunar cycle of renewal (new moon) to create and
share nourishment in the forms of:

A) compassionate listening (Talking Stick ceremony- with moderator-
everyone is heard, no interruptions-
certain themes may be introduced at the beginning of the circle)
B) ( preparing and then) sharing food and drink
C) making music and merryment together and
D) cleaning up together (shared responsibility)


For Schedule of events
and more information about simple
seasonal ceremonies,

moonthly potlucks and

other opportunities for co-creation,
please contact Ursula at sacred_earth@yahoo.com

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