14 January 2008

Church of the Sacred Earth-Woodstock, NY: Letter

The first record I have of the concept of this church is

in one of my journals from the year 2000.

It is time...

Here is an edited version of correspondence I circulated

in my community a couple of years ago:


"August 30, 2006 and October 21, 2006

My Dear Family/Community,
It is apparent on many levels that we, as a human community, and that of all plant and animal life, are in danger due to the mass global destruction of habitat and overuse of natural resources. With the loss of the health of this planet, we are seeing the deterioration of human health and the many seen and unseen flora and fauna that together make up a complex system of life sustaining environment To say that we are but a strand in a great web of life here is a statement whose truth is much deeper than the cliche it seems to have become. We are moving away from a time on Earth where the acquisition of material wealth and individual gain as a standard of one's success in this life no longer serve the continuation of life on this planet. Recycling our cans and bottles is not enough. Our food come to our grocery stores from all over the world. People have evolved into believing that health and happiness can be found in a pill. We have absolved ourselves from all responsibility of what we create. Too many have fallen out of touch with what our indigenous forebears knew- where their water came from, what foods grew in their region (most often because they had to grow it themselves or traded what they had with a neighbor), what plants gave healing medicines, and how to care for and interact with animal life. In other words, our ancestors knew Gratitude.
Church of the Sacred Earth is a Calling: to Community, to a practice of Gratitude, to Education, Action, to Acknowledging that this Earth is infused with Divine Life and to Commitment to give our energy back to the land that sustains us- on a community level with a global perspective, knowing full well that this entire planet vibrates holographically.
I awoke with a start at 2am on the 2nd of September 2006 with these words echoing through from the Dreamtime:
"We are leading a new way for the humans in our community..."
With Love and deep commitment to the miracle of this Life, I invite you to join with me in this sacred journey..

Greenest and Highest Blessings,
Rev. Ursula Carrie
Woodstock, New York"
"Deep partnership is the essence of evolutionary impeccability. Surely the day of the lone wolf is over and, in our "grow or die" world, we will prevail and prosper only if we develop mastery in the areas of co-creation and interdependency. The level of partnership being called for creates dynamic synergy for stepping into our full nature."
- Jean Houston, Ph. D.

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