05 May 2009

a story...

Once there was a Woman who lived at the Edge of the world that most humans knew, a world where time was not measured in minutes or revolutions in Space. Bats dotted the landscape bringing news of trance-formations of the many Creatures of the inner worlds of Dirt and Deep earth.
Each morning She raised her arms and with Her Inbreath rose the Sun to warm away the coolness of night, and Her Prayers brought forth the Song of chickadees, sparrows and woodpecker. Crows flew high overhead and rested in the crooked branches of the Red Maple and Cawing the news of the Day's events to unfold. Forming a circle around Her crown and planting their Claws at Her feet, they said in crow cluck, "Mistress, It is Time."
Raven comes to the edge of the Wood at the bidding of Wolf's mournful howl to lead them Deep into the Heart of the Standing people. Dappled in the changing light of the day, the fading sun catches the wings of Faerie Folk, who dart behind Aminitas to whisper loudly, "It is the One. She is Coming! Quick!"
Bear joins, then, walking behind Her, heavily, occasionally showing off Cloven Hooves. She Knows and has seen this Change, knowing that it is He, the Lord of the Wood guiding and Protecting Her way. She is One with His presence, Lover of the Wild, protector of Her Dreams.
Before them surrounded by the Standing Ones lay a pool of Water fed by the distant sounds of a cliffside stream. And They Stand as One Tribe in the Sacred Hoop-
and wordlessly they ask Her, "Lady, are You Ready?"
Her Voice, like a rumble of Thunder that levels the Illusion of Man made dimensions, gives Them reply,

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