14 November 2011

Notes from my Journal: On the Full Moon 11/10 and the 11.11.11 Ascension Gateway

Text copyright 2011 Rev. Ursula Carrie, sacred_earth@yahoo.com

Welcome to the New Earth, our precious Home in this Galaxy of stars. We Lightworkers have been amplifying the Violet Flame of Transmutation within our beings for many years, many lifetimes, now in preparation for this Glorious Transformation of darkness, fear and separation into the shifted Paradigm of Light, Divine Love and Universal Consciousness. For this shift in Awareness within the Human Mind/Soul to take place, many breakdown of current economic, political and other systemized energies of the Dark Ones have needed to occur- for it is in the dismantling and dissolution of the Old that a new form may have its Birth.

We Starseeds and Awakened Souls have been working as One Body, one Group Avatar of Light, first in the shifting and opening to the awakening within our own Individual Soul Selves and projecting this Heart Light to the many places upon this Earth where Healing was needed to occur. I see the expanse of my current life ‘till now, and know every moment, every synchronicity, every message, every teacher that was brought to cross my path that has prepared and catapulted me to the moment of this 11.11.11 Ascension Gateway. I have been releasing past life misdeeds, enacted out of fear, sorrow, isolation, sadness that culminated into a misuse of my Divine God Power upon this Earth. I have forgiven, deeply, with Divine Perspective, as one who could only be in and react to situations through the old paradigms of a Love Beacon that had been tainted by the Darkness on this Earth… But we have Ascended into Fifth Dimensional Consciousness, knowing that All of Mother/Father God’s plans for this reality were always to be a world of Perfect Divine Love, Divine Light and Divine Truth. It does begin in the Within of Each Soul Being in their Physical Form- the awakening to Truth. Yes I know there are as many kinds of Truth as there are individuated consciousnesses in existence, however I speak here of the Truth of Universal Consciousness, that truly, even though we are separate beings and meant to experience ourselves as such, that in Truth, we all emanate from the same source of creation (as mysterious as that is), and the acknowledgement of such is the key in saving ourselves and our dear Earth from self destruction. The primary question, as I have asked myself being, “What is my Truth?” The answer, which is found in the Heart, may or not resonate with the dominant paradigm of mass consciousness- fear, materialism, consumerism, scarcity, isolation, competition, anger, blame, unbalanced attachments to manipulation and control… Once this Truth is allowed to speak and be heard, I happen to know, requires a tremendous amount of courage to be followed.

We have a great opportunity before us in the past several months to ask ourselves many questions to clarify what each one of us envisions as their own Life Experience on this Planet? What do we hold as the Sacred Vision for the Plants, for the Trees, for the Birds, the Four-Leggeds and Mammals and Fishes of the seas, for the Beings so small we rarely can see? But we feel them. How in this New Earth, that we are Now creating through these thoughts, do we envision our world? It is said that ‘in the beginning was the Word’, but before the Word was spoken, there was Thought, the most powerful element in creation, Intent. We intend our lives, the circumstances, the chance encounters, synchronicities that bring all of this world into the form that we claim to see before our eyes. And it is called Illusion. Our experience here grows and changes as many others with whom we are co-creating are also intending it. This has been called Morphic Resonance. It is called many other things, the Hundredth Monkey effect, and so much more.

We as a race of Intending beings became enslaved many millennia ago to those known as the dark and we forgot, by conditioning, our Divine power to create. We forget who we were, and what most of us had come here to do. We did not remember the vision of Earth as a Holy place in which we (mostly) 5th Dimensional Beings had to come to create, play and love, to experience ourselves as Creator God-sparks in a 3rd Dimensional playground of physical human form. And although the polarities of darkness/light were necessary in this play, the scales of influence had become severely unbalanced, creating a spiral of destruction, rather than regenerative creation, in this world. For untold thousands of years the knowledge of these inherent abilities in every human being was suppressed, only available to the few who held power over the many through intimidation and fear, and to those who became the Spiritual Masters in Earth’s History who worked very hard to go against the grain and follow the messages of light that they were receiving in their Hearts.

But, now in this Timeline of accelerated gifts of technology, spiritual and transformative information is available to the masses like never before in our human history to help the seeker develop their latent abilities to Know, to Perceive, to Understand. Since the beginning of our physical existence here we had been seeded with the codes in our cellular structure and the information that were to be opened and awakened within those who were ready at this pivotal moment in Earth’s history to ascend their consciousness back Home to the 5th dimensional, Unity Consciousness Awareness. It shall be only this, a Knowing that we are all one in this fabric of life and that every thought and action we perform as individuals resonates on a scale much larger than our limited perception or language can explain. Those who have done, or begun, this Work and risen up through the Assistance of many Ascended Masters, Guides, Archangelic Presences and Teachers, are redirecting this sacred intent back to Mother Earth and to all of her beautiful sentient Lifeforms, to restore the original Divine blueprint of Love and co-creative Abundance, Joy, Connection and Unity amongst diversity. Does not mean that there will never be polarity here, or that there will be no physical deaths in order to give or sustain life, for that is the nature of the experiment here. Nor does any of this mean that earthly Life will be without challenges, as in this Earth School, it is the very presence of challenges that assist each of us in Growing our Soul.

This is what I have so affectionately called the Church of the Sacred Earth, the way I first heard these words whispered to me so long ago. A “church” is (paraphrased from Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary 10th Edition, Ó1999) {“ a building for public worship; a body or organization of religious believers; a congregation”, the roots of which mean 1) “of the lord” from the Greek “kyriakos” or “lord, master” from the Greek “kyrios” 2) “hero, warrior” from the Sanskrit “sura”}. What does this mean? Why is it so named? Because, We are the Movement to this higher realization that we each are the Energies of Divine Light; that each one of us is an Emanation of our creator; that each of is a container, a vessel of Divine Love and Truth; that each of us is a Warrior on the path of our own Soul’s evolution and enlightenment; that in this present timeline and incarnation we have chosen to experience the creation of ourselves in this place of public worship of this experience that we call Earth; and that this World of Sentience is Sacred, period. It is a Blessing to be Here, challenges acknowledged, I am thankful.

You are invited to pray/meditate with us, as one group avatar, now and in the coming year, as we collectively lay down a path of Light that those who will choose to come into Being on this New Earth can experience and follow. Many of our young children have already arrived with the intent to carry on what we have begun, bringing enlightenment to the next level of soul evolution on this planet. We are all assisting this Beautiful and Precious Mother Gaia to resurrect and restore Her original Blueprint of Sacred Heart Love and Joyful co-Creation. It seems like a monumental task, I know. But in the Now, present moment, each moment of Deep Breathing, we remember to focus on our Hearts, to be Still and Know our very own I AM presence on Earth. I mean, I know where this is all headed as much as anyone else does, and what do we really “know”? For the Time being, what I do Know is that I must stay in my Heart center, with my feet planted in the Earth, and with the other half of me in Spirit, doing my best to make the most of this Beautiful Gift of Life that I have been given here on this Planet. That I may leave behind for my child, for the generations to come, a World of Love and Beauty and co-operation and high creativity, so that he and all the others may also come to know themselves through their experiences on this planet as the Eternal creative bits of blessed God-stuff that they so Gloriously Are, Here and Forevermore.

In the Highest Good of All Beings throughout the Universes,
I Remain in Service, and in Faith,
Ursula Carrie

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