13 November 2011

A Personal Note on Healing and Planetary Service

Text copyright 2011 Rev. Ursula Carrie, sacred_earth@yahoo.com

When I had finished my training as a Soul Realignment/Property Realignment Practitioner, I went through a long period of self inquiry as to how I was going to “put myself out there” as a practitioner of this Akashic Record soul level method of healing. One of my questions being, “What are to be my fees be for this service?” In our course materials and coachings by the teacher of this modality, it is suggested that our fees be a reflection of our self esteem, our self worth in short. I had some trouble with this.

For the past year I sat with this, have been working with myself, with my higher self, in relation to past deeds in my most recent past life here. I am sure that most healers on the planet today can relate to past life memories of being ostracized, perhaps tortured and killed by the communities that they served. The world at those times were not ready for the simple “feats” of healing and seeming magic that those who were tuned in to a higher wisdom could offer to those humans who were ill, and suffering, like the midwives who were tortured and imprisoned for lessening a woman’s pain in childbirth; like the healers who helped through what we now in this age call “Reiki” or faith healing and the like. Some were victimized by this, and some attempted to turn this feeling of powerlessness into the abuse of power. As my inner knowing of my past was confirmed for me by the very intuitive Soul Realignment practitioner who conducted my own realignment that set me off onto this path, I was one of the ones who, through my own fears, isolation, sadness and rejection by my community, even though folks did not hesitate to surreptitiously seek me out when they wanted what I had to offer (and never being a victim in any of my existences), had evolved at that time into an abuser of my own God power. This is one of the things I had to sought to work out in this lifetime.

Many healers can relate to this, the hiding of one’s self, the reluctance to “put oneself out there” because of this issue if abuse of power that is so prevalent in this world today, in our governments and political and economic systems, false gurus and spiritual teachers, power plays in the simplest of relationships amongst family members. And, although a Healthy Ego is vital to knowing our Self as the Individuated Consciousness that each one of us is, it is that other sort of Ego that leads to destruction. It is part of the imbalance of our world that many of us seek to rectify through Right Action in our relationship with our own selves, and with the world.

Recently, I had joined in with my sisters and brothers of the Children of the Sun Foundation (www.childrenofthesun.org) for the seven weeks of beautifully articulated meditations and journeys that lead up to what was called the 11.11.11 Ascension Gateway. I had been working with a process of Remembrance, Self-Love, Self-Forgiveness and Release for many years already. It wasn’t until the week that was leading up to my participation in the Rite of Passage #6, the Rite of Selfless Service, that something very deep finally opened up for me, in my Heart of hearts. I felt Compassion for myself for the very first time in this life. I felt Love. I felt deep Forgiveness. I, at a psychic and soul level, made an intent and sincere decision to stop punishing myself for my past, for all and any transgressions I may have made in all lives past and in this one, for any abuses of Divine God power. Meaning, that I decided that it was Time to lovingly release all of the punishment I was holding towards myself, for abusing the Gifts I had that had been meant to Serve humanity, selflessly, with Love and in Humility. This was no easy task, as it is often said, “the most difficult one to forgive is one’s own self”. Wow.

So, why would one write all of this down, then share this very personal process of Becoming with “the world”, so to speak? Well, I feel that it is in the sharing of experiences with our human family that we are fulfilling our Sacred Roles as Mirror to one another. It was this way when I read some of Lynn V. Andrews’ books years ago, reading of her experiences and training with the Medicine Women, for example. In reading her words and following her experiences as they unfolded, I felt that I had a mirror to my own experiences along my own Shamanic Path that was accelerating.

We really can no longer cling to the ways of isolation, of clutching our spiritual experiences to ourselves, thus leaving ourselves in a place where we always feel alone in what is blossoming within. This old way will not serve the building of the community of enlightened beings that we are destined to become, if the planet, at least humanity, is to survive Earth’s Changes. There are far too many who are going through the same and similar processes, feeling as if they are the only ones that these very mystical and beautiful things are happening to. The Modern Visionary, Barbara Marx Hubbard, speaks of this- of the Isolation that is part of the cultural identity of Americans in particular. The culture I grew up in. The part of my Cultural Inheritance I am more than willing to let go of, promptly. And how is this done? By breaking out, reaching out, taking a leap of courage- and speaking about it. I am so appreciative of the ones who had the courage to do so before me, who wrote their books and shared their stories. Thank you.

So, I came around to this question again, “How do I set my fees for work as a Soul Realignment/Property Realignment practitioner?”

The first consideration I had was this: I am a single parent and the sole provider of food, clothing, shelter and education to the Beautiful being of Light that asked to be Present on this Planet through me. This is a Big consideration.

The second consideration was the acknowledgement that: In a practical sense, on another very practical physical world level, we are living in Times when folks don’t have as much to go around, in the money sense. And a lot of people who really want and need this healing at their soul’s level will often be making a choice of either paying the electric bill, or having Healing work done. And in order for them to gain the perspective that, “The bill money is flowing and is coming. All is well.”, they must first be assisted in releasing the Blocks and Restrictions on their Soul’s record that are hindering their growth to this end.

The third consideration was: Understanding what “money” is. Money is a form of Energy. Someone gives of their physical/psychic, etc. energy and time, and if the recipient is not also giving of the same in exchange, then green paper is given in a corresponding numerical amount, depending on how much effort/time was given to them.

The fourth consideration was: How much are other soul realignment practitioners, that I have seen, charging for their services?

The last, and most earnest, for me was this: I have, and have always had, a deep gnawing in my gut to be of service to others. My nickname as a child was, “Nurse Urs”, because whenever anyone exhibited signs of being ill, I would rush to them with a cool cloth to put on their head! My mother tells me a story of when she had me in beauty pageants as a wee one, and I spent almost the whole time as I waited to go up on stage (which I was so excited about and couldn’t wait), comforting the little girl ahead of me in line who was crying and terrified…

I want and need to serve, that’s what I am Here for, for All of the Life that needs me, whilst being able to care for my child and my family.

So then this process leads me to the notion that, one must wonder, “What happens in a Soul Realignment reading/healing?” I mean, it is a fairly new modality to emerge into the world, certainly not as familiar as things such as Reiki (which does not even scratch the surface! I know, I have trained as a Reiki healer, too!).

What Do I Learn/What Happens in a Soul Realignment Session?

The Realignment?Clearing process of Blocks and Restrictions on one’s Soul Record, for me, usually involves 4-6 Hours of Intuitive Investigative work on my part. This work is done before the Client Consultation via telephone, which is an additional 1 Hour, as well as an Mp3 recording of the call in which I present the findings to the client.

The first part of the reading consists of the Soul Profile, which includes:
· Your Soul’s Group of Origination
· Your Archangelic Realm(s)/Energy Centers of Training
· The Spiritual Order(s) you participate in
· How many Guides are on your Spirit Guide team (if any negative guides are present, they will be cleared by the Realignment process)
· And more…

The second part of the reading consists of the Blocks and Restrictions present on your Soul’s Record (which, by the time of the phone consultation will have been cleared, instigated by my prayer request, and conducted by the Akashic Records Guides, and your Own team of Guides, teachers and Angels)
· Vows and obligations
· Curses, pacts, bindings, spells
· Contracts
· Attaching, stalking and or possessing negative entities
· Golden Web chakra tears
· Emotional and/or mental body Programs
· And more…

In essence, what I am doing is putting on the hat of spiritual detective. Through an extensive, intuitive questioning process of my Akashic Records Guides, I am unearthing the Soul’s story, as written in their Akashic Record. There is plenty of information available on the internet, or books at your local library that can help you know what the Akashic Record is.

PLEASE NOTE: The listed examples of Blocks and Restrictions are just that, EXAMPLES. Not every Soul’s Record is the same. That would be impossible, and certainly not the point of Individuality. Also, the blocks and restrictions may have been acquired by the client either in their present lifetime, or in past lifetimes. What I seek, as a practitioner, is not only to discover the block or restriction itself, but the choices made by my client, through their Free Will Choice, that created the situations, habits, emotional and/or mental patterns that led to the creation of the block/restriction in the first place. It sounds like a big pill to swallow but once the person understands and Knows it in their very being that the situations have been created by Free Will Choice, the inevitable results I have seen so far, is that they feel so much more empowered to choose differently in the future. And they can do so without the burdens of past unconscious choices weighing them down. There will always be challenges, that is the very Nature of Human/Physical life, but we have the power, much more than we realize, to choose and recreate our Life Story in the Present.

Donations/Fees: As an act of Planetary Service, to make this much needed healing available to a broader range of Humans seeking Enlightenment and Freedom, this is what I wish to be my offering. {Bear in mind that most Soul Realignment Practitioners, to my understanding, charge anywhere from $150-$195 for a basic soul Realignment, and my fee had been set at a lower $144, in correspondence with the Sacred Numbers of the Ascended 144 Crystalline Grid of the New earth, and the 144 points of intersection on our Golden Web.}

The new Sliding Scale Donation/Fees are as follows:
· Soul Realignment Consultation (adults 18 & over) - $108 - $144
· Soul Realignment for our Children (children 17 & younger, but no younger than 8 weeks of age)- $72 - $108

AND- Don’t forget The Property Realignment!

There are so many Earthbound Spirits, Ghosts, and Poltergeists roaming over the Planet who simply can’t, or don’t want to, move on into the Light. Also, portalways to other realms that were opened and never closed, and Negative and positive Entities that can become attached to our Living Spaces and properties, and so often these unseen influences can really muck up the Vibes of our Home, causing things to occur, or discomforts that we just can’t explain- no matter how many times we move the furniture around, paint, etc. There are other things I research and clear in a Property Realignment Reading/Clearing.

A Property Reading and Realignment calls upon Our very Mother Earth, the Elemental Beings and other Helpers in Spirit with a special prayer request, and with the Assistance of the Akashic Records Guides, to clear the Akashic record of the Home and Property. Yes, the Earth, and all locations upon Her, has an Akashic Record, too! I consider the Property Realignment a VERY IMPORTANT service in the Raising of Earth’s Vibration- through them, We are clearing the Earth herself of destructive negativity!
· Property Realignment/Healing- Sliding Scale- $50 - $72

* NOTES on Donations/Payments: All of the Pay Pal payment buttons on my blog reflect the top portion of the Sliding scale. If you are going to send a donation/payment that is less, please send me an e-mail at sacred_earth@yahoo.com, stating your intentions and your order information as listed in the requirements on the “Readings/Order Info” page of my blog, and I will tell you how to send the payment through your PayPal account. Checks and US money orders are also accepted.

Divine Guidance and Blessings on Your Path.
I look forward to Hearing from You.
Ursula Carrie

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