05 January 2015

Tonight's Feling-Thoughts, since I read about "Leelah"

You know what I feel the problem is with parents and child-rearing now-a-days?
These parents are getting caught up on every-little-thing that goes on with the Young Being, completely discounting the fact that Life is a Process.

I am looking around at the news, sometimes, and seeing all of these young people, who are probably old souls clothed in this 3rd dimensional body, and under the influence of the forgetting that we all experience when we awaken into the physical form here on Earth, and they are suffering so profoundly… Why? Because I see that we are living in this ridiculous “culture” (somebody throw OUT that petri-dish because this “culture” has gone sour, the “experiment” has failed- O-Kay?!) where every single thought, action and thing said by anyone and everyone is dissected, mercilessly, by caregivers, teachers, co-workers, my goodness, anyone that is considered a sort of “authority” or the one we supposedly “answer to”.

In the course and process of what we call Life, what I experience as “physical life” (since I feel and understand multiple dimensions and facets of Existence) we go through so many experiences- because that is what we are here to do! There is no right or wrong, Source/God/Spirit/our Higher self absolutely does NOT judge us this way. We are here simply to grow and expand our Eternal Selves through the myriad experiences that are inherent in a World where strong polarities of so called “Darkness” and “Light” co-exist.

What brought this on was a couple of things. One was that, when checking my Yahoo email, I saw in the “news” section that a beautiful young soul had ended his/her life because he/she was feeling terrorized by the parents, who were apparently Christian fundamentalist people, who couldn’t accept that the son wanted to live his life as a woman. This, of course I feel could’ve been “righted” if perhaps this wonderful Soul had had access to their own Akashic Record. I am seeing, so many times, that- it is very possible that a soul might be able to understand the meaning of their physical life through understanding their Soul’s Record. It is possible that, if a person could know that, if their Soul is Female, that they may have incarnated into a Male Body, because they have had “this or that” they have wanted top accomplish for this lifetime.

Another is that: I have been telling my Son, for several years that; “Do NOT tell your (very estranged) father that you are, or that you think that you are ‘bisexual’, because he hates gay people.” But, my son did just that! A couple of weeks ago. And I received an email from the absent father that was like a “shit storm” because he was SO upset at what he heard. And all I can feel is- all I care about, as far as it goes with my Child is: that he is Happy, that He IS comfortable with Himself (which he apparently IS), and that he is Healthy- and yes, folks- that he gets his homeschool MATH assignments DONE! All else is ‘whatever, whatever”.

We are ALL here to experience OURselves, as we ARE- no matter what! Because, even when we are in the depths of Despair, as I have often been as I have been going through my transformation into the Higher Realms of Being,… We are ALL Loved. We are ALL Guided. And we are ALL the Opulence of God, made Manifest in Our Hands and Our Use. Now and Forever.

I send Blessings and Love to All that Need and Require this at this Time. And to ALL of the Beautiful Beings who felt that they had no choice but to go back Home, rather than stay in a physical existence where they did not feel Heard, Seen, Supported and Loved.

And SO It IS…

Ursula Carrie

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