01 June 2017

L.O.A. Family

Just a quickie. Here's how it sounds when you've unschooled your kid and raised him with a soundtrack of Abraham-Hicks, the Akashic Records, Wayne Dyer, etc...
       ME, This morning, just now:
I'm feeling overwhelmed, again, by all of the priorities that are fighting for my attention. I am starting to get swirled up in the stormy part of this tornado and I am not liking it. I am starting to feel irritated, and the cat bitching for more food, even though he was just fed 30 minutes ago, is not lifting my mood. Add to this that Menopause has brought me a new delight: I am bleeding again, a full period to boot, even though I just finished a cycle 2 weeks ago. I'm exhausted. I can't even seem to find my heart to let it direct me. I got up too early and had a short fruitless effort to get back to sleep.
I'm about to trip-out. Then come the thoughts about going to the j.o.b. tomorrow. Now, I'm really stressed out. Now I really feel like time is running out.

       Enter into the kitchen, "the Teenager", with a one-liner:
"Stop focusing on, like, the two things that aren't good- everything else is awesome."

Then, he gave me a hug and a peck on my forehead.
WOW! This kid! I really got a good one!
It's SO true, I was getting caught up and misdirecting
the power of my attention.
'Focus' immediately redirected.

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