31 May 2017

I have some "funny" stories on manifesting... ONE: "The Burlington Trip"

       So... I had these brochures, five years ago. They were for what I remember calling "the Burlington aquarium" and Ausable Chasm. I had them, with some others, pinned up on the poster sized, framed cork board in the living room. These two were bull-clipped together, though. I called it, "The Burlington Trip". I had this vision of taking my kid on an epic adventure road trip, paralleling our own state on a journey up, well to Burlington! Not for any purpose, really, except just because. Oh, but here was the thing that linked these two things, primarily geographically, which I had thought would make a fun loop of it all- the brochure for the Ferry was clipped to the Burlington two. We would park the car on the boat and enjoy the ferry across from Vermont, to Ausable. There we would camp and hike and explore and have a fire pit.  It would be a trip to remember.

But back then, Carla was still alive. Then she died. Things changed. Life changed. All of those little, old dreams seemed like they just weren't meant to happen. (You can just go back and read about any of those years.) Time passed.
       So, a couple of years ago, I looked over the old cork board, which by now is hung on the hallway facing side of my bedroom door. There were various notes-to-self on scraps of clean paper, dated and pinned overlapping all over the board, the travel board, sort of. And I unpinned every single brochure, tore them up into un-re-tape-able sized pieces and recycled them. "Fuck it." I said.
       Well, of course that's what I said, because that is what I say when I am officially letting something fly back out into the wind. Things get blocked from my path for various reasons. Just because I know that doesn't mean that I am always in the know as to why something that I think that I really, really want right now is not coming into my experience, right then. When I let go of this trip that I wanted to do so bad, I just figured it just simply wasn't meant to be in my experience. And I decided that I didn't care anymore, a big part for me of letting it fly. I forgot all about it...
       February 2017 The Omega Institute catalogue is here. I already had a scholarship to go there last year for the Trance mediumship training week, so I know I can't get a scholarship again to go this year. I love to sift through catalogues,though. I wonder if something's there anyway for me there this year, so I look. I see a workshop being offered by someone whose name I have been seeing. New Realities had him on a ways back. I haven't watched any videos, though. I work every Saturday, so I have to be selective on how many times in a year I will able to get someone to cover. (The workshop game is primarily geared to the 9  to 5 set.) Something says in my left ear, "See if he's teaching somewhere else."
      So, I Google him and go to his website. He's teaching on a Sunday! And near enough to drive there and back in a day if I had to. Oh wait! There's an "early bird" price. I want the early bird! I wonder if they take money orders....
       I send an email. I get a response. Sure, why not? They'll take a money order. I got the early bird price. In May, I book the hotel, which is next door to the workshop venue and across the street from the ferry. Oh, and I book the cabin at Ausable.
       Oh, didn't I mention?
The workshop is in Burlington!
      😏  Now isn't that something?

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