29 October 2018

Hola Sudamerica de Ursula Carrie

(Por favor usar, al lado direcho, "Translate" para traduzir esta carta al Espanol... "Spanish")    Here is the article link that I mention in the video, where I learned about the surge in suicide in Venezuela.  https://www.bloomberg.com/news/features/2018-10-24/suicides-surge-in-a-hopeless-venezuela   
       I wanted to say hello to my friends in Venezuela, also in Argentina. Hello South America, to thank you for all of your likes and views of my ad. My name is Reverend Ursula Carrie, and I am a professionally trained exorcist. The modality of healing that I am trained in is called Soul Realignment.
       Exorcism no longer involves having to pray and splash holy water and risk one’s own personal safety in order to remove negative forces from a human being’s energy field. In 2007 a woman named Andrea Hess introduced a course called Soul Realignment. I took that course and graduated from it in 2010. When I began, I was given an energy transference. That energy transference allowed me, the student and now practitioner, to enter and access the Akashic Records, the record books of every being’s eternal soul. 
       When I am researching a soul record, I am doing this using my intuition and psychic development skills to communicate with the celestial Guides who are assigned to work with me in this etheric library of souls. I ask for the full name of the client, the full name when the client was born, what day the client was born on and where the client was born. This information allows me to locate the soul record of the correct Soul, so I do not have the client confused with any other Soul.
       I am looking for what I call blocks and restrictions in the record that need clearing now. This could be anything from past life issues involving negative entities, energy leakages at one or more of the energy centers called charkas, vows and obligations that no longer serve. There is also another issue that I look for first, and that is the issue of soul shifting. Soul shifting is in essence and in reality, more than two souls trying to have control of the body. More than one soul can not be in control of the body at one time, so one will push the other out for a while and take control. Very often the soul shifting souls are negative souls. I have had many clients who were shifting with up to 5 other souls at a time, all trying to have control of the body. Usually the original soul, the one who was supposed to have the body, will be a positive soul of the light, and they need help.
       After all of my investigation into the record, I say a prayer that clears the entities, chakra tears, etc. Then I talk about all of it with the client, and I record and Mp3 music file for them. There is a 21 day homework prayer that I assign to you to do.
       There are Akashic Records for pieces of land, homes and properties, too, that can be cleared of ghosts and demonic gateways as well.

       I will hopefully do another short video in which I will talk a little bit about the shift in human consciousness at this time and why Soul Realignment is so effective, and why we have this available to us now at this time in human history.

Be Well. Thank you for Being Here.
Rev. Ursula Carrie

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