05 February 2009

Church of the Sacred Earth, Grows and moves with the Flow

Hello Everyone,
This concept of the church of the Sacred Earth has been growing inside of me for nine years, now. Too long my mind thinks, but for the better, as what I see and perceive is that Church of the sacred Earth is not the kind of church that is housed in a Place, a specific locale. Church of the Sacred is in Many locales- because, among other things, Church of the Sacred Earth is a Movement. It moves with the Energies, across the Land, across the Universes and the Tierra of each creature and human landscapes. It can not be "Incorporated", or assigned a tax ID number. It can not be Contained.

Wherever two or more people can gather, in silence or in whatever manner they can mutually agree, to listen to the earth speak- and to send their individual & collected vibrations of love to the earth.

More to come, as 2009 unfolds.

If you love the earth and have some leanings toward earth-based spirituality and want to talk more about Church of the Sacred Earth Gatherings, and what you can do to help, write to the e-mail address above (sacred_earth@yahoo.com).
I would love to hear about your love connections with the Earth.
Green Blessings.

February 10, 2009- a blog is now posted:
where news and information that I have specific
to Church of the Sacred Earth can be found

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