13 February 2009

musing perspective

Backing up. Backing off.
Drawing back.
Isn't that what perspective really is?
"Drawing back"
Think about those two words,
and imagine the physical sensation 
of doing just that.

I recently relearned that Perspective as an artist's tool 
manifested during the Renaissance in Europe (1300-1600's).
This technique of being able to draw a scene back
enabled the artist to reveal life 
as it was actually being seen and experienced .

As the Artist of one's own Life,
an individual may employ the technique of Perspective- 
to draw back, see the whole view 
a much widened scene 
find the places that need more red, less blue
some more texture or some of the layers scraped off.

I kept asking myself, 
after I'd set out on a long journey from home,
everything so strange and foreign,
"Why have I come here?"
thank G-d I remembered.

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