04 February 2009

writing 2- Arizona- once to the cave, pools of water

It was in the cave that I started to feel a presence. I'd had some moments alone and of silence to feel the land, to be with the environment that I found myself in. So, perhaps i was tuning in a bit to her, to what spirits could be shifting amongst the barrels and prickly pears.
Yes, the cave. I turned immediately around upon entering, and sat on one of several large rocks that were positioned inside the two small tiers of the enclosure.
The Valley lay spread back into the distance. I liked that, the cave as my environment, and the city as the far backdrop.* (*reference to the notion that many humans have that Nature is merely a backdrop to human existence) The positioning of the sacred womb was of course no accident above two pools of water that run underground nearly after they seem to spill forth from the darkness of the cave area.
I had a deep urge that sprang forth through my left arm, that I needed to spend the night in that cave, that something wanted to speak to me, give me a message, or a vision.
These are themes that can be visited only in brief, when in the company of hiking companions. Feeling such a draw to spend time in this place intrigued me as I loosened my energies from the area and continued the hike with my friend and son, back down the rocky hills toward the parking area at trailhead. Hiking down, without the physical elements associated with the climbing up, is a different experience- one in which i was more able to See: the landscapes, in all they showed me, as the trail hugged canyon walls and turned opening into fresh views of the valleys and chains of mountains that surrounded the city. What was it about the city that cut off the vibrations of the beings that embraced this spreading metropolis?

I felt so much gratitude for every inch of foreign landscape that my dreaming eyes saw. My son races ahead to keep up more with our friend. I move slowly, drinking the azure sky in with my breath- I am drinking in
Blue Sky, and spiny cactus- it is maybe one hundred years old. It is maybe two. Each arm, my friend says, he heard, takes seventy five years to grow that big. So maybe the cactus is really almost two hundred. But I am thanking someone that I had the courage to fly out and experience this. But the city, the city is so cut off from this. Why isn't the vibe making it into the city? Now I understand how they are so cut off from Her. I had forgotten how it felt to live in a city.

So, as we are getting toward the bottom, sill with a ways to go, but we have neared the gate we had to go through to start really getting up on the trail- and I decide to sing to her, to thank her for being able to experience being with Her, and i do even though I feel evenly: a bit shy about others hearing and a little rebellious, like people should hear this song and remember to be grateful, or just a little more open to Her Energies as a sure Living entity- not just a backdrop....

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