23 July 2015

Play My Tune!

I got a car yesterday!
Today, I was driving to Kingston to pick up the new antivirus program and surround sound speakers.
I remembered that, sometimes I used to play a game with my Guide Team.
Play My Tune.
It doesn't really have a name, this "game", but what I have now called it is the essence of it.
There was a song on the station that I had on that is mostly 1980's tunes. Those here in my area will know it as 92.9 FM. http://www.wbpmfm.com/home.php
It's a game I put forth when I want to know that my Guides, masters and Angels are with me, and that I'm not just imagining the whole thing. Many of you, I am sure, know what I mean.
So, today, I said, "OK, Guides, make the next song a message to me from you..." Then I stopped and I thought and said, "Ok, maybe it's too soon to coordinate the next song... Make the third song after this one a message to me from you, so I know that you're here... OK?"
So, the next song came on. I said, "OK, this is number one." Then the next came, and I said, "OK, the next one is number three, and it's for me."
GUESS what they played for me?

Don't Stop Believin'

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