21 July 2015

Today's Post on Earth~ Spirit Medicine Facebook page: Riding the Rocket... Holding On

I LOVE my Life, for Everything that I have Experienced- Even and Especially when what I was experiencing was called "undesirable" by those on the outside. They can't see what I see. They don't Love what I Love.
And now another Chapter is Transitioning into Another, and I have not yet seen that Text. But I AM Deeply Loving What Is.
And I AM packing up Many of You, Dear, Beloved Experiences.
I Am taking You with Me, most and especially because You have Shown Me how Strong I Am, how Flexible I Am, how Connected to My Source that I Am, how Loved I Am, how Guided I Am, how much Humor is Inherent in the Universe, how much Beauty I See and Feel. I Love You Adversity, I Love You Contrast, I Love all of You- You Are Beautiful Revealers of My TRUTH.
And, now in This Very Moment, Life Rains a Hail-Storm of Blessings on Me and My Life, which by association is also My Son's Life. And I feel like I have thrown onto a rocket that is in the midst of breaking the Earth's atmosphere!
I am in wonderment and awe- WHERE'S the SEATBELT on this Thing?! LOL!
"Don't need one," I hear, "It's your own electronic essence."
Whew... Wow. More of this to come.
<3 br="" much="" so="">Ursula Carrie

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