27 July 2015

Soulmates, Life Stories and Judgment

You just never know. Really...

Because every soul has the story of what They have come to Earth, incarnated in this physical body, to learn.

I am thinking, feeling, about the recent news reports that Whitney Houston's daughter has died. Rather, passed on, left Her Earthly Shell, to go Home.
I do not follow the "news" very much, but I have gathered enough of a sense of the relationship that was existent between this Mother and her Daughter. They were Soulmates. And, they were "thick as thieves".

It does happen very often that two (of course sometimes more) Souls Incarnate to learn Life Lessons together, and it is not uncommon for one of those Mates to Follow the other into what we humans call "death" soon after the other one passes through the veil. It all depends on what their agreements are with each other.

I saw this with my mentor, who had a contract of "Obedience" with the Soul, who was Her Husband, not only in this Lifetime, but in the one previous to this one. The vow of "obedience" was in their marriage vows one lifetime ago. He died in this current life, (eh-hem) 14 years or so previous to her- from the exact same kind of Brain Tumor. Some of her colleagues thought it was something in the water at their home!

From the sheltered vision of a human being, one says, "Oh, that's so sad. She was so young. Why couldn't she be saved..." etc... etc...

But, there is an expanded point of view, friends. It is the perspective of Spirit, of the Soul. And it is largely incomprehensible from the third dimensional perspective from which most human beings on the planet currently operate.
It is not so shocking when an 80 and 86 year old couple, who have been married for 65 years, follow one another in the same fashion. But, Soulmates run in all sorts of physical forms, in all varieties of humans relationships- and we are all here to learn together.

The point is to Rejoice that these two Souls are now finding each other, once again, in a Place that is of Pure Love and Pure Joy. And soon they will be probably hatching out their next co-creative adventure, here in the lower dimensions of Free Will, Contrast/Duality, and Choice. Imagine what such Creative beings will *WOW* the Earth with, Next Time! 

Although, within a couple of Generations the Contrast will be less painful and harsh, and more conducive to the Realm of Playing with Duality that is the Original Blueprint of this World.

I was also thinking of Robin Williams, and the lamenting that went on because he took his life to Go Home.  Again, you just never truly know. It could have been in His Soul's Plan to "go" that way. He gave so much to the world, maybe he was just Done, and there was nothing to be "saved' except the Beautiful Energy Imprint that He left here. Aren't we SO much the better because he existed at all?

Just a tiny bit about Judgment.

I was feeling on this because so much of what human beings have determined to the bar of "success", that every other human believes that they must aspire to, is actually a product of the third dimensional mass consciousness. It seems that all of this so called "success" is based on the acquisition of material goods and a superficial one sixe should fit all standard of what is physically beautiful.

I do understand that the Way of the Master is about mastering the third dimension. However, this Mastery does not solely take the form of material acquisition, nor in converse, is it the denial of all material acquisition.

Success is based solely on whatever the Soul has mapped out in their Life plan as to what they would like to achieve in this particular Lifetime. And there is no one but that Soul- and of course their Birth-to-Death-Guide, and other Helpers in the unseen realm, who know what that plan of success is.

Unless you know someone else's Akashic Record, which no one is really allowed to know unless invited by the owner of that Soul's record, You Just Don't Know. And therefore, can't really be any sort of judge of any one else's Physical Life Experience.

There is a great variety of Experiences to be had here on good ol' Planet Earth for every kind of Soul who wins the Body Lottery. We're all entitled to our ideas and opinions and feelings and thoughts about what we think we see as someone else's Life Expression. But, when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of Divine Love and Divine Truth, it is only the primary objective for each individual to be responsible for their own life, no matter what that entails.

And the rest?  Well, as each one of Awakens to the Higher Dimensions... we can only Grow our Individual Light Quotient, in so do our part, Help those when we are asked to do so (or in the case of the Animals and Plants, etc. as we are inwardly called to), and Honor Each Being, as the Light and Love of the One Who Created Them, (and us) is Present and Shines, no matter how that light is perceived by another.
Thank You for reading.
With So Much Love, as We Grow Together.
~Ursula Carrie

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