14 April 2017

Thought of the Need for the Embodiment of True Christ Consciousness, Now

I got inspired to write a short note because all that I have heard that is currently going on in the world. I thought of Christ Consciousness not just because of the multi-faith celebrations this week, but how at this time on Earth, the embodiment of the real meaning of this is in great need, not only for the humans but for everything that is on this planet.
In the past I found this AMSR track to be to my liking, using headphones, when I needed to focus on something creative. It just felt really good and kind of hypnotic in a way after a while, which is obviously good for creative endeavors.
       If you have not yet come across this concept of "Christ Consciousness", I will briefly say according to my current understanding, it means "Consciousness of the 5th Dimension, Ascended Consciousness, Compassion". You know what the world needs now.
       So, those of us who are 'there' so to speak, it would be for the Highest Good of All for You* (*each individual one of us, making up a "we") to just Focus on Your Light-
Your Own Sacred Heart. That's all you must do right now. Tend to Your Heart. It is important to do this as the world is in a tailspin all about you. Ground. Focus. Then, you can reach out and help. You must have a reservoir to draw from. We fill our own well, then we can moisten the lips of the parched.
       We are all Beings made up of tiny particles of Energy- and these little particles (in an over simplified way to say it so not having to go and find the books where I've read it :) ) have been shown to be able to communicate with each other.
       So, when you focus on your own Loving, Divine Heart and Your Light- this Healing Presence is felt by everyone in your physical/energetic environment. If ALL of these Points of Light, embodied as Human Beings, who are spread out all over this Planet do this, the Ripple Effect would tip the scales...
       You may feel impatient for something to "happen", but it is working through deep crusty layers darkness as Earth makes this shift. We must be steadfast and believe in the Divine Love in our own Sacred heart center and stay in alignment with Divine Truth (those of you who are know what that is).
       So, I can suggests a simple way to do this, if you'd like a starting place-
   Every day, whenever it is that you wake up from your sleep, simply say, "I AM."
If you would like to put something else onto that, how about the mantra given out in one of Matt Kahn's video's, "I Am the Light, the Light I Am". Take a deep belly breath at the comma. Really feel what you're saying.
       May we all feel at ease.
Ursula Carrie

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