20 May 2017

Thank You to Bobbi

I am freshly home and feeling our conversation this hour at Family. I am appreciating all of the avenues and streets and alleyways that we travelled on- and then the superhighway when the micro got related to the macro!
Here is a picture of your pond :) The Beloved Pond
And I want to first, which was the 'zap' that led me to just writing it all in a post, say to you, "Thank you" for the space and the dialogue to attempt to reason out the tiny and broader possible implications and meanings of this current challenging situation in that one area of my life.
As I sat down here just now at home and I am feeling appreciation for our exchange, the energy felt like:
a flat mahogany colored rectangular (and large weave, with scalloped edges at the top) basket that would fit  in the cradle between my bicep and the palms of my hands. The hands are outstretched at heart level, as if perhaps the basket is being held out to receive and/or to give something of abundance.
That is what the dialoguing felt like if one could see the feeling. Lately energy perception is sometimes accompanied by a "picture" as well. I
 tell the picture just in case the other person is also visual and can see it as well :)
So, thanks for this impromptu 'session', because I was able to come home with fresh detachment and perspective about my life. I really did kind of hang about hoping to talk with you. Oh, yes, indeed I did! And thank you for asking me to wait when I said that I shouldn't take up your time because I should be able to reason this out alone, since I should have all the tools to do so. [Some of those reading this know what that's about!]
       And now at home I also have the physical space and the space of some hours from the harshness of that entanglement as well. In this space, I find myself able to reconnect with and remembering how to realign with my highest priorities. Like this blog. Like helping the humans who want to get on a new page of the book of their life. And other stuff, you know.
       May all of the Masters and Angels and Guides [Thank You. Thank You. Thank You.] assist me in staying in alignment with my Soul's Mission and with my own Precious Heart.
       Hmmm... the basket. Reminds me of grain, nourishment... Ahhhh, yes. Good.
So good. Thanks Bobbi.
'Till we meet again.

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