18 July 2017

Thank You for the Birthday Well Wishes (post on my personal Facebook wall this afternoon)

Dear Beloveds,
Soo, I am going to set myself down sometime soon and tune into all of the wonderful well wishes that have landed onto this Facebook wall. And, as is my custom, I will tune into the Energies of each individual whose post I am reading, and I will write the Thank You that is channeled for each individual. (no "blanket" thanking for me!)
Yesterday, what I decided that I wanted to do was- whatever the quiet voice inside said to do, in each and every minute as it occurred (to the best of my current ability). I needed to reacquaint myself with this way of being, because I have been caught in a tornado of the "should-do's" and "have-to's" for so much longer than is comfortable for me. The "shoulds" and "have-to's", dancing with conformity, have been killing Me, and I have lost touch with the core of who I am, with what makes my Heart sing. I am beginning my own Recovery. I pray for the courage and self-love enough to effectively do so, even if it once again means that I find myself standing alone.
There will be consequences, my Guides have told me, physically, if I do not. It is time to get to the real work. I need to be focused. I appreciate the Boundless Love that I share with my Sisters in Spirit, who are stationed at their own Points of Light around this planet, who are also on this Journey.
Love and Breath and the Soothing of Hearts,
Ursula Carrie

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