23 July 2017

* Every Little Good Moment *

The captain and our steward (?) of our boat said that this party boat is pretty fun-
the captain of that boat sings on the oldies cruise night-
"I don't know who's driving the boat while he's singin', though!", laughs Vinnie (our steward). He says it to the whole boat sort of, but I'm in front, and I laugh with him.
I feel happy. I'm loving this boat ride thing.
"You're way too happy!" he says, but in that strange way where he means it as a compliment. "Good for me!" I answer without a beat.
(He doesn't know what it's taken for me to get here...)
I listened intently to his narration, even after perhaps decades on the job.
He must share what he knows. It is inspiring.
Coupled with my own enthusiasm for getting "out and about" into new things,
it can only be a wonderful experience.
It is. And it was.
Back on the dock, as all of the passengers were exiting to the dock, I passed Vinnie.
"Can I hug you?!" he says/asks.
My arms are wide out ready to go!
"You're awesome!" I laugh.
We are mutually agreed.
This is what it's all about, all the little good moments,
sharing our light, our love, our joy-
and a super good Hug.

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