10 April 2018

Thank Goodness for My Family of Light

This is just a little quickie I want to share today. I have another video/audio that's really long that I am aiming to prepare and post this month on the 13th 
       This past Saturday 4/7, I was indulging the "fact" that everything in my life seems to be at a frozen standstill right now. I swear, I can't stand these times! I know, I know. I'm in the trough. I'm waiting for the next wave to arrive. It's time to reevaluate my activities and the current trajectory of my life path. Yes, all of those comforting things that I would say to someone who is coming to me with the same woes that I have right now. Last year was such an awesome break-out kind of year for me, the absence of such titillating awesomeness is just, well- sucky! And I know that the more that I give my attention to how frustrated I am that the things that I want to happen are not happening, the more they're not happening! Lol. Basic Law of Attraction. I can manifest exactly what I want by focusing on it. 'Done it a million times already. Menopausal bee-otchy-ness just assists me in my miscreations!
       So, on Saturday, I enlisted my 16 year old son in the errand running that day. I told him- "You're big and strong, and I'm tired of the damn run-around! I need help today!" He came. Our first stop was the dump, aka "transfer station". Our local garbage company had an infamous rumor about them for a couple decades that they actually put all of the recycling in the trash. So, sometimes I like to go see the guys at our local center. Anyway, I decide to take charge of the glass, since we had a big hunking bin of glass, some of it broken. I'm still totally pissy, feeling put-upon by everything, and just crappy.
I don't even know how I was drawn to look down where I stood at the edge of the giant glass bin. What do they call it, a "roll off"? But there, I saw something buried in the dirt. I felt like picking it up. I dusted off the caked dirt and saw it was a kind of lapel pin. When I turned it over, I felt that same effervescent trickle of Love and relief just wash all over my bodies (emotional, physical, mental), and I laughed! I showed my son. He just nodded in agreement that I had just received my message...

I share this with you all with the Love that was
shared with me in that moment.
 Be back soon...

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