19 January 2018

Jus' Keepin' the Head Down, and Focus [+ Lee Harris' January 2018 energy report]

1/18/18 Well, I've had a wild, blazing good start on my overall goal and focus for this year: My Body. Oh, yes, that Gal! My partner on this journey.
       Last year, 2017, it seemed that all of my desire and goals had to do with expansion, travel and doing away with certain financial woes of the past. I happily received the physical manifestations from Creator energy, all throughout that year.
       This time, even thought I wanted to continue on that trajectory, I realized that this was all in my mind-body. My instincts told me that rehoming my expanded consciousness into this, my very own, physical body would be where I am at this year.
       I had spent the past 7-10 years in a monastic life, even though I lived and worked in the world. I mean, I'm a single mom- I'm out living and working in this world. However, for my very personal life, when I was free of the job, caretaking duties, etc. I spent all of my time alone, in prayer/meditation/contemplation/study. I didn't feel much association with my body, even though I have always taken such good care of Her ever since I was a little girl. No one, specifically or intentionally taught me how to care for the body, I just always somehow always Knew. I knew how to care for myself, and I knew that it was important. I would say, "Don't ask me how." But, we already know "how".
       So, now at 45, my left hip had already been hurting enough that I couldn't lie on that side at night. That had been going on for a couple of years, on and off already. Hmmm... There is also the issue I'd had of become mysteriously crippled in my joints when I get too stressed. That has gone unresolved for the past 20 years. Losing weight also made it obvious that some strength training is also in order... The hip is currently feeling kind of groovy, thanks to Billy Blanks! I'm excited! 
       Since the year began 18 days ago, I've been to my GYN, GP, had blood drawn, been working the weight training into everyday activities- and felt the Presence, in a never before perceived tangible way. It's pretty wild.
       Like when I was at the GYN the other week, my blood pressure was of the charts- for me that is. I'm usually rockin' a peaceful 110/70. Know what I'm saying? That day it was 132/88, and at the recheck it was 198/something equally absurd! So, the next day, Friday, after I left my little j.o.b., I was headed to my bank in the next town over to cash the check, and I had this feeling: pull in and make the appointment in person. [at the GP] So, here I go, "negotiating" with myself... 
       "Well, it's on the opposite side of the road... I have to cut the traffic to turn in... I can just go on the way back... do everything in one stream... [I like to do 'loops' when I go on errands]."
       The answer- "Go!"  I could actually feel a *very-present* Presence around the car and inside on the left with me. I let out an exhausted, "f-uuuuuuuuu-ckk" I slow down, then and put my left blinker on. I have to pump the lever to make blinker 'blink' until the bulb gets replaced on Monday, which is one of my excuses for not wanting to make a left hand turn! [That's OK, I own my Ridiculousness and together we have a good time!]
OK, so, fuck it I say. I'm here, I'm going in. It was 1:50pm.
I'll save you and give the short version. The receptionist says, "So.... how flexible are you, anyway?" I'm like, "Whatchu mean?" 
       She says, "Well, it actually never happens, so please don't think we always have this available..." I'm looking at her like, 'yeah, go ahead' I totally know what she's about to say. I'm sure the naughty-cat grin that's spread all over my mug is confusing her. 
       "We actually have a 2:15..."
       "Done!" I interrupted.
       I'm smiling as I go out to get my wallet from the car. Yup. Got it. 
They have a new physician at the practice where I've been going for a decade or so. I had it on my list to search for a new healthcare point person. I have always felt like the doctor that I was consulting with was not really listening to me, nor was the other doctor at the office. But this new one, I can see it in her eyes- she cares! I don't envy her to be so caring in her profession. It's got to be rough. But I got a bloodwork order to check for iron poor blood, etc- and a referral to a specialist that I'd been praying for. It's just the beginning. But: 'double-you-oh-double-you' [wow] 
       So, I'm leaving that impromptu session- at which I found out that my insurance does cover yearly physicals! Now why was I told so adamantly by the previous staff that it didn't...? Oh, yes, I'll be following up on that bit of misinformation when I go to the appointment in a couple of weeks.
       The next thing? The blood lab... 
"Oh, please let them close at 3:30..." My mantra all the way there. The other lab across town closes at 3, I know. I'm fired up to get this done. I say out loud, "I'll just drive over there, ok?" Of course, they closed at 3:30! But the phlebotomist hurt me- hurt for 2 hours after. But those labs will be in when I go back to the Dr!
So, Happy New Year, again!

Also, in my commitment to my Sacred Vessel- I sucked it up and ordered 4# of Infusion Herbs. I got such a lovely sentiment in the mail from my teacher, that she misses me, the day after I put out my order. There's a lot of Wind in my Bones! Some Comfrey leaf infusion will ground me and get me all Juiced up! Red Clover and Red Raspberry came too and Licorice root. I haven't drank Infusion in too many years! [shhh... don't tell Susun! Lol.]
       Synchronicities in my world have started out so strong, and constant this year. I'm seriously keeping control of negative thoughts, and especially looking out to soften my situation when I'm feeling negative. Negative thoughts and feelings always make my body feel like crap- either I get a pain somewhere, or I feel like I'm suffocating. Yikes! AND, folks... the synchronicities and manifestations I notice are coming pretty fast, now. Uh, oh. ;) Lol. BUT, I am noticing that they come with much more ease, and making much more sense, if I am deliberately operating from a Joyous and Open feeling in the center of my chest. And sometimes I want to grind it out so fast, I'm slamming into a wall, a very invisible, very strong brick wall! I remember, then to *surrender*. That's pretty much the absolute best tool in my box- just give it up! Focus on something else, like some fun, maybe... 
Yeah, I went there!


Be back 
super soon! 
Love You's. 
   Thank You 
    for being Here.     

Well, enough of this post for now. Check out Lee Harris' January 2018 energy report. 
All I can remember from when I watched it was that he said- 
that the Lightworkers that had already been through their process 
were going to be coming back home to their Physical Body
especially if they hadn't had very much of a connection to it for the past 10 years!
Of course, when he said that, I almost fainted! Ha! Ha!
How the hell did he know that's exactly what I was engaging with, 
as was also my Intention for 2018, as 2017 was coming 
to a close. Of course, we all know how he knew.

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