23 January 2018

"Yeah, well. Ya' Have to Learn to Adapt..."

One of those things that the ex-husband said that just pissed me off so much when he said it. I said, "How can you say that!? We have to stop it!" Now, I'm going, "Damn. He's right." That's all there is to it. Whether he gave a damn or not, in reality as it was, he was just being practical.
       That was nineteen years ago and some. I was crying and complaining about the change in winters, the snow reduction I noticed, the warmer temperatures for longer in the season. Oh brother, I was in love with snow, then! Or maybe I was just like most humans and just digging my heels in and resisting change. The planet is evolving Herself. If we want to be part of the ride, it's not about trying to stop the wheels. It's pretty much finding a place where you won't get hurt, or do any harm to others, and ride along. Help where you can. Get in alignment with your own higher values. Let others do themselves. Again, help others as and however you can to the highest and best use of your own unique gifts. 
       But, this is it. Global warming is happening. It doesn't mean that we need to, as the human disruptors in this natural cycle of progression, keep going along and fucking it all to hell in the same vein. No, I don't mean, "Let's fuck up in a whole new more creative way.", either! Knowledge is power. We know what's happened, we know how to proceed with damage control. Sounds too simple? Well, it only can and will happen, the righting of the earth's evolutionary course, with humans aboard, when the individual simply attends to the right living within their own reality. A million individuals taking care of their own shit can change collective reality in this place. 
       Check this out. I wanted to show you, if you want to know how powerful it is to surrender- and adapt- look at what the birds have done with our bullshit. My son and I found this nest on the ground, at the graveyard, this past Halloween 2017. 'Way past nesting season, so we took it home. This nest that has been built, incorporating *pollyfill* into their materials... Yes, pollyfill- the 'stuff' used to stuff some pillows, stuffed animals, cheap furniture and crap. 
Now, THAT is adaptation! So, do you think that the birds complained about it? 
Big Love,
Ursula Carrie

I always say, if you don't know which way to go, or how to live well on this planet- look to the animals. They'll show you the way.

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