25 January 2018

What a Great Show: "Kevin >probably Saves the World"

I can totally relate! I bet you can too. If you're reading this blog post you're probably just like Kevin, like me... knowingly on this mysterious mission, that you don't have all the information for, that you aren't even sure what the outcome will be, or even if it's all real and happening to you, but you are following the synchronicities because the way that they line up and stack up makes it just confoundedly undeniable: "something's" happening here. Ah, the journey of the modern Lightworker, or of anyone else who has felt that they are answering a higher calling. I don't know where the writers are going to go. It's only in it's first year. For now, I'm so digging it! I definitely want more. Check it out if you can. Sweet stuff.
Here's the trailer from last fall:
and more from a you tubber: 

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