12 August 2018

💖 20 Years a Priest 💖 August 15, 2018

This Wednesday, August 15, 2018, I am 20 Years a Priest in the Order of Melchidezek. I wanted to renew my Vows at Rev. Dan's farm in Consensus, NY this Sunday, August 19th- but I have no money and my car has too many issues to take us that far. I feel sad about that. My life as a Priest is, well, who I am. These past 20 years have been "quite something" to keep it brief. I feel like I wanted to be with Rev. Dan again and renew my commitment. I'm just so tired and distressed lately, I can't even imagine how I could get the Universe to pull this one out for me at the last minute..... I am probably going to have to be flexible and find something to do with myself on Wednesday.
Love, again-
Ursula Carrie

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