25 August 2018

*Night Sounds* at My Living Room Window

A moment for some of the sweet stuff (video/audio below:)
sitting on the love seat near the big picture window in the living room,
enjoying the night lights
💖 I like the lights in the living room at night. I don't sit out there often, but the symphony this night was
impossible to resist. There is a pond across the meadow 
on my neighbor's property, so all of the 
night singers were out in their finest. 
A hot August night after many, many days of rain. 💖

May the direct motions of Mercury, 
and Mars following the Full Moon Sunday 8.26, 
find you all feeling some relief of the intense energies of this summer. 
Get that lid off the pot already! Whew! 😂

Thank you for Being Here.
💋 Ursula Carrie

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