03 August 2018

The End of "Mudrurmayo" *

Dear Friends,
MuMu went Home this morning, probably just after I closed the door and went to work. My son called me at 12:30 pm to let me know.
I had to stop by Family before I went home, after I bought the gauze to wrap our Mu's body for burial. I knew I could find someone in there who would hug me. I needed a hug so bad, and I can't think of anyone who I could call to ask for one, so... Brian was there, thank goodness, and hugged me and let me cry in his arms. I'm thankful for that, so I could get some of it out and come home and be a force of stability for my son, so he has space to fall apart. Grieving, I dug the grave to prepare... It's raining, an element that brings comfort to both of us. I'm thankful for that, too.
Whenever my boy is ready, whenever HE is ready, we shall lovingly wrap our Mu and inter him, right next to the Mama that he missed so bad, he had to leave us and go be with her.
BOTH of our cats lived for exactly 18 years and 5 months- BOTH of Them. How is that, that they both lived the exact amount of time. Whenever we move from this apartment, we will dig up their bones and take them with us, wherever we go after this. 8 not very happy years in this apartment, thanks to the bullying and nastiness from the changeling that lives downstairs. Some people just hate themselves and all happy people. Even still, we persevere. God has a plan for us. Neither of us know where this is all heading, though.
I have been advised by my Family of Light to work through my grief by helping the clients whose files are on my worktable. I am prepared to isolate myself from social interactions and bury myself in work. Let this work be my earthly salvation. Let it heal all Grief, in all worlds, in all dimensions. Then, I too shall, someday, go Home. I am very much aware of this fact.
And may the years that remain, may they be the best yet and may it all be in Joy.
Thank you for Being Here.
Ursula Carrie
* "Mudrurmayo" (moo-dur-my-o) Our name for our little family unit.

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