26 August 2018

Full Moon Speaking from My Heart [vlog] 8.26.2018- "Hidden" Agenda (?), Flying Squirrels!

'fooling around with the fortune cookie the other night [8.24.18] and this was the first one!
Now, read my Facebook post from the day before, and you'll see why this Fortune Cookie made me roll my eyes and laugh.

So, What happens when you don't move your ass, yourself? The Universe will move you! And then, fighting the transformation will only bring suffering. Surrender, once again is the only option once it's gone that far... 
And, of course, with everything else- introduce a baby Flying Squirrel into the mix this morning because, 
ya' know, like someone 
once said to me, "The Universe likes to have fun with you." Yep. 
But I'm playing right along... 
August 25, 2018. I asked where I am right now, in this journey, what did I need.
The Strength card came up. I said, "Strength for what?" And then came the other 2 cards.
I find it interesting that the three cards
came out of a VERY well shuffled deck- in their numerical order: XI, XII, XIII
This shows me that the transformation that I am engaged in,
even though (of course) the various twists and turns of the path are not all in view,
all is happening in Perfect Divine Order.

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