12 August 2018

Pause for the Cause

this was the last day of the very intense workshop I was in
July 23-27. I was processing so much, on so many levels, I
just couldn't even stand up anymore, or pursue any more aspects
of learning the craft. This summer has been frickkin' *heavy*.
I'm writing this note to say that I need to get with my current energetic circumstances right now and admit that I need to take a pause for the cause- which is admitting that I have a shit-ton of unacknowledged Grief in my systems. And that I have been not addressing this in my quest to be constantly and consistently strong and unfettered by events in my life over the past year. I should've allowed myself to be brought to my knees, fully, as I experienced each blow, but as stubborn as I am, I couldn't allow that. 
But eventually, one has to come clean to herself, and admit that the weight is too much and something(s) must be done. For one, I wound up sleeping, like almost all weekend. Now, my Ayurvedic constitution is all almost completely Vata, so I hardly ever sit down, and I'm always busy with some task, job or in pursuit of some creative idea. I've been surprising myself lately at how much I have to lay down- but this weekend in particular I reclaimed my self-created title as the Sleep Olympics Champion, better be 1st place!
All this is to say where I'm at and to thank each and every person who looks at this blog and has liked my Facebook page for this service. I have been through energy upgrades and transitions like this before. "Ease" never seems to be a component. Something amazing is brewing, my son keeps reminding me. 
 With Love and Appreciation,
       Ursula Carrie

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